1 keyestudio LN Motor Driver Module; 2 Introduction; 3 Specification; 4 Connection Diagram; 5 Sample Code; 6 Resources; 7 Buy from. Learn how to use the LN motor controller and Arduino with The key to successful stepper motor control is identifying the wires – that is. Double H driver module uses ST LN dual full-bridge driver, an integrated monolithic circuit in a lead Multiwatt and PowerSO

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Lower values will just not work. TomGeorge Design and Repair of industrial control systems. Thank you for the comment, but I still have a lot to learn. Hi Feiticeir0 I have very little experience with arduino and only used picaxe.

Everything runs on smoke, let the smoke out, it stops running Just focus now on the motors — if you swap the wires motor A connected on motor B terminals and with this same code, does the motor A still spins?

But this is the problem: I will search if is possible, but probably you could just get: Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


L Dual H-Bridge Motor driver | Feiticeir0’s Blog

Thankyou for your help. Hello feiticeir0 Ok its pretty clear you know the stuff well. So at low PWM average voltage, less the drop which depends on the current drawn, there may be very little left at the motor. Your second post is right. I’ve been recently trying to apply PWM to control 3 6V dc brushed motors with two keyes L motor drivers and arduino uno.

You need to program it for it to work. Thank for for comment John1a, i just tried but still did not work yet.

Is this even possible? I did not have much knowledge about motors or motor drivers kejes I started to built it Wow, thanks so much for the link. You are probably using slow-decay mode where the current is carried by one of the diodes during the PWM off period.

I tried exactly what you said and nothing happens…… hmm…. Can I get voltage from another place and still have control? Larger motors have much stiffer torque v. Hi Feiticeiro, Wow that was fast. Well, I believe I should change my motors for other kinds. MarkT Brattain Member Posts: BUT, I need to connect three stepper motors.


L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor driver

I have found the problem. Have you worked keues these models before? The connections on the board are fairly simple to understand: For the power supply to the Arduino, the motor driver has a built in 5V supply right?

I never worked with oeyes model, but it seems similar. If I only had to connect one stepper motor I would be fine. Well, by your last comment, you may have a busted H-bridge.

Hii have a problem with arduino code ,it gives me error in this line: Because they just take the pins to 5V. It was a fluke but its going now. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.