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Aug 26 Personal Line Of Credit terms and cataloge 1. At the end i agreed use my 18k point to waive annual fees.

Citibank Rewards Platinum Visa Card

I always call in to reduce CL. The Instant Rewards Terms and Conditions All finance charges to be applied will be based on your 12 months’ repayment record. Anyway, it all depends on preference In such an event continues for a continuous period of three months, or for more than four months in any twelve month period, Bank may immediately terminate the Rewards Programme by notice in writing.

For waiver through phone, the last time I try, I don’t need to speak to nobody.

Citibank Rewards Platinum Visa Card – AMLA – Malaysia Finance & Business

New on Citi Mobile: Because in the “How to apply” section, I only saw the information for self-employed person. Thanks Shouldn’t be a problem, there should not be any charges impose. Kindly note that the provisions stated herein form an integral part of the First Gulf Bank General Terms.


For redemption conversion rates and full Terms and Conditions, visit www. Anyone currently subscribe to this promo? In case of fraction amounts, the remaining unused transaction amount after calculating Rewards Points for the whole amount in multiples of Tk will be accrued and clubbed with future transactions.

Will see if I can get much benefit from this card for the first years before they charge me for annual feeif not then bye bye la I dont see any Premiermilea Amex on citibank website. Important information about the CommBank Awards Program Program Terms and Conditions 7 September Some Awards are also subject to separate terms and conditions of the supplier of the award.

I’m no expert but I think the logic is this, if you have a high credit limit and you are not utilizing all of it, it shows your discipline as a bank has trusted you with a high credit limit and trust that you will not overuse it and payments are done in a timely manner.

For transactions greater than the value of the Rewards Voucher, the Voucher can be clubbed with other modes of payment e. Currently i am holding Premiermiles Amex.


U have to make 2 time payment by transfer interbank transfer if u using other bank Actaully, there is a way u can make 1 time payment by transfer fund to 1 credit card. Clear Card Cataogue here. Total Available Reward Points: Yes you can as people reported that AF maybe get waive if talk to different CS, just try unless you don’t need this card anymore.

But I doubt that is the reason to give high credit limit. Sep 5 P This caatalogue has been edited by Sam Ho: I checked in Citi website but i cannot find the said form.

Do let us know on the cancellation process. Aug 18 I got approved 1 week ago.

We would like to thank you for being a Citi customer. Just wait for another 2 months if you are still interested with Citibank, else look elsewhere.

You can use your Rewards Points for any of the following exciting options, and please refer to your Rewards Catalogue for more details. Sep 4 ,