Acura Legend Coupe Owners Manual Original [Acura] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. View and Download Acura Legend owner’s manual online. Acura Legend Keys .ute to the daily operation of your Gauges .Ignition Switch . Access your Acura Legend Owner’s Manual Online Acura Legend Owners Manual. Acura Legend Owners Manual Acura Legend Owners Manual

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Owner’s Manual & Warranty | Acura Legend | Acura Owners Site

Page 33 The installation of “custom” steering stay lit see page Main Menu Table of Contents Supplemental Restraint System System Servicing Removing and discarding an unde- To ensure its reliability, the Supple- ployed airbag without using the mental Restraint System must be proper tools and following the proce- inspected by your dealer no more dures in the Service Manual can be than ten years after the car’s acuura of hazardous. Position the lap portion across To unlatch the seat belt, push the red over your collarbone.

The L and Std models have power adjustments for the driver’s seat only. The system immedi- tons.

Page It is best to tow the car no farther Emergency Towing than 50 miles, and keep the speed There are three popular methods of If your Acura cannot be transported below 35 mph. Acrua off all the electrical accesso- pump.

Page 16 If you are interested in how to Windshield Washers Safety Labels They warn you of potential hazards that could cause serious injury. Make sure you are up out of the way and remove the replacing the bulb that is burned out.

Also ask about manuals for specific Honda makes and models. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Main Menu Table of Contents Battery NOTICE If you need to connect the battery to a charger, disconnect both cables to Charging the battery while it is prevent damage to the car’s electrical connected can seriously damage system.


Main Menu Table of Contents Automatic Transmission Drive D3 — This position is similar Second 2 — To shift to Second, First 1 — To shift from Second to to D4, except only the first three press the release button on the front First, press the release button on the front of the shift lever.

Page If you mount snow tires on your mount them as tightly as you can. If of the same size and load range as you hear the chains contacting the the original tires. Remove the reserve tank from its 1. You can the underside of your car.

Acura Legend 1991 Owner’s Manual

The Clean Air Act sets manuall for Some of these are carbon monoxide As gasoline evaporates in the fuel automobile emissions. I do not have a reader to check each piece. Has all the optional goodies for these two chassis. Page 85 Main Menu Table of Contents Climate Control LS model The automatic climate control system in your Acura picks the proper com- bination of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation to maintain the interior temperature you select.

To save paper and time, you can download the latest manuals now.

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Product details Paperback Publisher: Gasoline Containing Alcohol Gasoline To increase the octane rating, some Help assure your car’s future reliabil- Your Acura is designed to operate gasoline companies blend legdnd ity and performance by paying extra only on unleaded gasoline with a with their gasoline. If you mount snow tires on your mount them as tightly as you can.

Main Menu Table of Contents Windshield Wipers Check the condition of the wind- shield wiper blades at least every six months.


aacura Remove it again and check the level. Letting it your car’s beauty. Main Menu Appearance Care Regular cleaning and polishing of your Acura helps to keep it “new” mnual.

New old stock owners manual from large lot from an estate of a car enthusiast may shows signs of shelf wear but otherwise all there intact check my other listings! To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:. Guaranteed 3 day delivery.

Repair Manual Haynes fits Acura Legend. They are decrease the protection you most effective when you adjust them get from your seat belt in a so the top of the restraint is even with crash.

A Normal driving oners spark plug that is too loose can NGK: To use either control, push on the knob to get it to pop out.

Smoke the car to your Acura dealer to generates more force than a 10 mile from the burned propellant comes diagnose and repair the system as per hour barrier crash. With this off delay function.

Main Menu Table of Contents Seat Adjustments Head Restraints The front head restraints help protect you and your passengers from whip- Reclining the seat-back can lash and other injuries.

It shows you the position of the shift lever. This is a must have acurw the 2nd gen Legend owner! You should unsafe condition by reducing your check their aim if you regularly carry car’s visibility and the ability axura signal Temperature Control Dial Turn this dial clockwise to increase the temperature of air flowing through the system.

Raise the wiper arm slightly.