Ascension!: An Analysis of the Art of Ascension as Taught by the Ishayas. Dec 1, by MSI and Maharishi Sadashiva Isham. “A loving heart finds joy in every moment. Nothing can resist its power for growth.” ― Maharishi Sadasiva Isham, Ascension!: An Analysis of the Art of Ascension. (from Ascension! by Maharishi Sadashiva Isham [MSI]). The Science of Ascension. The Science of Ascension involves a process of systematic.

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Truth was most important to him and he shared that truth in total commitment to healing the world. In such a state of conflicting desires, no clear sadasuiva is the most likely response from Nature.

In our experience, it is extremely doubtful that any individual could resist the power of this small handful of twenty-seven Ascension Attitudes for long. What is necessary is to remove the self-created obstacles in the pipe that are keeping the water from flowing. MSI lived to see the message of Ascension firmly rooted in fertile soil and spreading globally.

The revelation of that sacredness becomes apparent through a person’s contribution to humanity. The Yoga Sutras do not contain the actual techniques to achieve enlightenment, but do describe what happens when proper tools are correctly applied.

In less than two years, the first group of three teachers grew to more than one hundred. Each of the twenty-seven Ascension Attitudes possesses the quality of immediate feedback — that is, the effect of practice is immediately noticeable.


By effortlessly introducing these seed thoughts at a deep and refined level of thinking, the entire structure of the mental framework gradually and gracefully transforms to reflect Reality.

What does MSI stand for? In less than two years, the first group of three teachers grew to more than one hundred. The advantage of having more than one tool in the tool chest is that the mind sometimes tricks itself into activating slower loops.


But it is easy to begin to reverse this and move back toward the freedom and power of life in the present moment.

Some of our beliefs are obviously useful to continuance of our physical lives. His life was thoroughly shattered in when, in a matter of months, he lost his business, his money, his house and his family through divorce. The third cause of failure is that the content of the prayer jaharishi often simply not effective. This is an example of expanding awareness, but such occurrences are typically not consistent or powerful enough to transform life permanently.

They can be equally well practiced by the Christian, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Jew, the agnostic, the atheist. These twenty-seven are taught by the Maharisih Teachers of Ascension in a systematic and verifiable manner, with individual practice and progress interlaced with further instructions in the techniques.

He founded the Society for Ascension, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to spreading the Ishayas Teachings. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Knowing that all angels fly and. His search was not for knowledge but for truth. His frustration from feeling different and alone was blanketed by saashiva firm hope that one day he would discover the purpose of life. Maharishi Sadashiva Isham M. This unites the conscious mind with the Infinite Source within.

MSI knew he had the tools to change the world, yet virtually no one would listen to him. The techniques, known as Ascension Attitudes, are based on the ascending emotions of Praise, Gratitude, Love, and Compassion, and have the power to transform the life of anyone who will give them the chance.

Appreciation, Gratitude, Love, and Direct Cognition. Browse by Book Series: If on the other hand, you yearn for something more; for the ‘Peace that Passes All Understanding’, then this IS the book for you. It is useful to remember how to drive our car without having to reread the owner’s manual each time we sit behind the wheel. Content in his experience of expanding consciousness, he settled into a quiet lifestyle of writing books and designing and building houses.


The second cause of failure usually comes from conflicting desires. It is useful to remember which house is ours each time we wish to return home without having to ask our neighbors.

Sadashiva Isham (MSI), Maharishi

We structure beliefs about the range of temperatures our bodies can safely withstand; we culture other beliefs about the nature of our bodies and how they can be damaged. Real expansion of consciousness occurs only through direct, personal experience. The second aspect is a direct alignment with the Ascendant. The Science of Ascension involves a process of systematic unlearning. His search was not for knowledge but for Truth. Maharish Sadashiva Isham Msi. What is necessary is that we begin to remove our self-destructive beliefs and behavior patterns that are blocking this experience from our conscious awareness.

The Science of Ascension, as presented by Maharishi Sadashiva Isham

Gomati feels the heart of her life is her intimate connection But it is possible to change deep-seated belief patterns easily and effortlessly by the introduction of a few new seed thoughts.

Ishayas The Ishayas’ Ascension is a spiritual practice founded and propagated in the west by Maharishi Sadashiva Ishamusually The first is the limited amount of time spent in prayer. Considering his loss an omen and disenchanted with the rules surrounding TM, he began a new quest for the meaning and purpose of life. He passed from this world on August 12, This is accomplished by aligning our limited individuality with Cosmic Universality.

Of the thousands of possible applications of the four primary Ascension Attitudes, only a surprisingly small number are either extremely effective or universal in application. The Twenty-seven Ascension Techniques from Ascension!