On the other, Mysterium wants to teach Pentacle, to be it’s librarians and archivists – and make all mages depend on them – and by this, their. The members of the Mysterium believe their order to be the purest, because it shuns mundane power. These mages prefer to seek pure magical knowledge. Dec 3, Awakened society looks upon the Mysterium as the great but when any mage seeks esoteric lore outside of his own experience, it is usually.

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Originally posted by GhostTurtle View Post. The members of the Mysterium believe their order to be the purest, because it shuns mundane power. The merit is represented mysteirum the bottom, fluff and setting in the middle. Two things to remember, though. I don’t think the aethenum would ever give away knowledge for free. But then again, you also have to keep those helpers save and happy: The AwakeningOpen Development. Mysterium’s Athenaeum – What cost? Every fragment of arcane lore is a tool that mages can use to bind Above and Below, or at least slow the growth of the rift between them.

In many ways, the Mysterium is a society of academics – as such, mhsterium organization is influenced by the kind of Ivory Tower mindset that shapes academia in aawakening. The ancient order ventured into the hinterlands to adakening the natural sciences and cull the innovations of barbarian states. Dependent upon other mystagogues being present. If knowledge is power then knowledge is valuable, if you give someone knowledge they must pay for it to retain its value, giving knowledge away for free implies that it’s valueless.

All mystagogues are expected to be constantly contributing to their local Athenaeum, in the form of primary awa,ening, artifacts, and so forth, anyway.

The precept of secrecy is only violated when the council must intervene to clean up a mage’s mess, and the precept of hubris isn’t paid any heed-until one shows signs of madness. That’s from the book.


[MTAw] The Magicians (TV Show) and Mysterium : WhiteWolfRPG

Endless Wonder Mysterium [Mage: When is Mage The Awakening 2nd Edition going to be published? The situation has degenerated to the extent that ghe and Free Council radicals sometimes claim that the Awakened City never existed!

I think to understand how the Mysterium maintains its value to the rest of the community, you also want to keep in mind that they jump on opportunities to demonstrate that their meticulous archiving is useful in crises. Where is that stated? This aakening you only would need mages and make it easier to use. Access to the egregore opens certain techniques for use within Mysterium rituals. The order grew nearly as mighty as the Silver Ladder, and restricted access to its collection to keep challengers from usurping its place.

That could be as mundane as “introduce me to that exclusive gold club”, organize a party, or as supernatual as “help me hunt and imprison that spirit”. Search in titles only. Pugmire Poster 5, Dark Ages shirts, Exalted shirts.

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

Over time, mystic lore trumps worldly ambition. Normally, a mystagogue is assigned a task or sacrifice appropriate to the level of initiation sought. Even if they are mages, all that stuff still costs a lot of time – even with magic.

Your character does not need to roll to provide a bonus die when assisting another Mystagogue in a ritual. It was, however, in need of a name change.

So, renamed after the concept it embodies, I give you…. One of the changes in underlying premise between Ascension and Awakening I always liked was the sift in away from What is reality? Mave experienced mages, material resources matter less.

Outsiders requesting assistance though are definitely going to get charged. I disagree – yes, “Knowledge has Price” is motto of Mysterium.


Earning dots in Order Status Mysterium is a matter of service to the Order, and in well-representing the Mysterium in one’s dealings with the other Orders. Byzantine Empire in Middle Ages — A.


Help Contact Us Go to top. Mysyerium situations require considerable street savvy, and some of the newest members are recruited to fill this growing niche.

Okay, to bite subject then – I have a rather traditional but not totally orthodox Obrimos Curator of London’s Atheneum that awakenimg running his facility “as old times would point”. Mysterium members are usually better educated than counterparts in other orders.

All that matters is Magge, magic and the secret codes that lay hidden in the world. I would use the Mysterium status as a guideline, to gain access to a grimoire you would need a certain level of status, but if a Mage from outside the Mysterium makes a request he has to use at least an equivalent number of merit dots to achieve something favorable for the aethenaeum.

Only problem is – When enough is enough? These trials almost always involve gathering new lore for the order or confiscating dangerous or stolen occult materials.

Welcome back, faithful readers, to another in the pre-GenCon Order writeups. Now I think one automatic sucesses per member joining ritual is the way to go with Egregore!

Or just give one autmoatic success for one other member of Mysterium working the ritual — need all god might power With Success needed like ? This reflects their resources in magical items and services provided. For what you need to pay in favors? That depends entirely mjsterium Gnosis; Gnosis 3 takes an hour. The order always demands payment. Their council is composed of a percentage representation of influences in the local area, and attempt to prevent monopolization of resources, while minimizing conflicts.