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Ley No. , Sobre Procedimiento de Casación, Modificada por la Ley No. 08 · Ley No. , Que Instituye la Jurisdicción Contencioso-Administrativa. 09 01 1 24 FAI LURES AT SH 1 R LEY BAS IN T OF (, PT IM i Z E D DESIGN PARAM ET. $3 »A’LEY. KAY Ann Ava. Shafter. Calk.—2* .. $6 99 BAKER .. $ DEMERY. JASPER Box Wasco. Calif—3* .. $ DIAZ.

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Your car taken in trade.

Milllkln at the time of his death, and all the right, title and interest that the said estate has by operation of law or ly acquired other than or In addition to that of the said Henry L. Traders Finance Corporation E St. It Is probably one of the 491-088 tales ever to be presented before the microphone.

Every car hs a 3D-day guarantee. We guar antes satisfaction. Dated March 21, Income business block Banning, Calif. McCloskey called attention of the audience to the lack of “a political touch” of Mr.

Page 23 — San Bernardino Sun 30 March — California Digital Newspaper Collection

L’ for recorderfqr a demonstration. The down payment Is cnly J2B5.

Can be seen from 9 a. In 49-08 hour listeners will be entertained by Professor Knickleblne and his amusing pupils. Dated March 12, ‘J.


Puckett will be heard at 10 o’clock a. Theresa Palma, 25, Mexico, Both ot Redlands.


Smith, the administrator of the estate of. The down payment is Millions of dollars will be expended on this project, hundreds of men will be given employment and this will be of direct benefit to our citizens. Rhlnehart, Victoria Farms, Mot.

EBY 3rd St. If a fire should occur In any one particular section of the building, especially in the overhead decorations, it-could immediately be controlled by turning on the valve and flooding the entire section with a heavy spray of water. Continued from Page Thirteen lock up our office and go home until after the election? The purchaser must assume the paving.

Miller, also known as Emma R, Slater, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the under signed, Elmer H. The next impression he receives is whether or not there is a spirit of harmony In the com munity as a whole and whether or not the community is being con stantly divided within Itself In the strife and bickering over political questions. A real permanent home.

Timetable Notice No.

For the National Orange Show is a project in the success of which every citizen of San Bernardino has played his part. Spring Street 419-08 Angeles.

Beginning at the Southwest corner of said Lot 8; thenre North along the West line of said Lot 8, 61 feet to Church Street; thence East 25 feet; thence South and parallel with the West line of said Lot 8, 61 feet; thence West and along nald South line of said Lot 8.


The first of these programs, “School Days,” goes on the air between 10 and Pontine Coach, original finish.

San Bernardino Sun, Volume 64, Number 30, 30 March 1929 — Page 23

SELL or exchange new 3-bedroom stucco home. Puckett for the Probate of Will of Charles E. The object of this action is to obtain a Judgment of said. You Are Hereby Directed to appear end answer stild complaint within ten no auys irnrn tne service or this summons, exclusive of tho day of service, It served on you in the ssld County of Sen Bernardino, and within thirty 30 days, exclusive of the day of service, if served elsewhere.

Continued from Page Thirteen years, factlonlsm has been rampant in the city hall which has resulted in a situation which is not for the best interests of San Bernardino. Chechoslovakia; Mamie Moran, 25, California.