Lalitha Ashtothram – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Shri Lalita Ashtothara Namavali – Names of Lalita Devi. transliterated and with translated meaning in English. Om Shri Matre Namaha |1| Salutations to the . This is in romanized sanskrit according to IAST standard. View this in plain english. oṃ rajatācala śṛṅgāgra madhyasthāyai namaḥ.

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Who is adored by Rambha and other celestial damsels. Who is modesty itself. This sahasranama is held as a sacred text for the worship of the “Divine Mother”, Lalita, and is used in the worship of DurgaParvatiKaliLakshmiSaraswatiBhagavathietc. Who out of Her finger nails recreated all the ten Incarnations of Vishnu to destroy the Asuras slain by Him in His incarnations and now recreated magically by Bhanda out of a missile of his.

The beauty and smoothness of whose thighs is known only to her consort, the Conqueror of love Kamesha Manikya makutakara janudvaya virajita: Who has the whole world perceived in the waking state as Her form, and who is therefore technically called Vishva. Who is in the form of Nada cosmic sound. Who burned to death the armies of demons with the fire of the great missile pashupata.


Sri Lalitha Ashtothram | Day 5 of Dussehra

Who is worshipped by the wise with care and completeness. The Lalita Sahasranama does not use any such auxiliary conjunctions and is unique in being an enumeration of holy names that meets the metrical, poetical and mystic requirements of a sahasranama by their order throughout the text.

Who is Herself the treasure of all Rasa Pushta: Abalagopa vidita sarvanulanghya shasana Shrichakra rajanilaya shrimath tripura sundari. Who presides over bones in living creatures.

Who is satisfied even with our perishable laliitha. Who has nothing to reject nor to seek. Who is overjoyed to see Her daughter Bala who is intent on slaying the son of Bhanda.

Lalita Ashtottara Sata Namaavali – English | Vaidika Vignanam

Who is Rajarajeshvari The Ruler of rulers. Whose glory is boundless.

Who depends on none. Who shines with asthotram colours. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Who is the bliss of Brahman. Who has a body constituting the half of Siva. Who is worthy of devoted worship. Who is fond of everything auspicious. Whose fame extends everywhere. Who is ever serene. Hayagreeva is an incarnation of Vishnu with the head of a horse who is held to be the storehouse of knowledge. Who has Herself no witness. Who is the changeless. Who is the unmanifest state of the universe.


Who is the Consort of Kapardin Shiva. Who is adored by Sharada the Consort of Brahma. Who is the body of all beings. Who is wedded to Truth. Who is Vishnu-maya-the power that limits the all-pervading Vishnu and manifests all that was unmanifest. Who dominates over Her Consort Siva in the creative part of the cyclic motion of time. Who is supremely blessed. Whose shapely nose is like a freshly blown Champaka bud.

Who bears lalihha Yoke of Yoga consisting in regulating the evolution during vast periods of time Yugas.