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This simply means that from the perspective of the model, students taking Calculus I in different semesters, were not very different in ability except for those taking the course in term According to the Undergraduate Bulletin of Kdupmthe main aim of the preparatory-year programme is to prepare students for undergraduate study, especially with regard to the new language kfum instruction.

In addition, students take courses related to graphics, a mechanical engineering workshop, and physical education during the preparatory year.

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On the other hand, the variable term is also not significant with the exception of term As in many other college algebra and pre-calculus courses, the aim of preparatory mathematics MATH and at KFUPM is to prepare students for these calculus courses.

The predictive validity of selection measures used by the University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia, Dissertation Abstract Interna- tional, 47 2 This effect represents the common knowledge and skills that are in the preparatory-year English curriculum as represented in both English courses that students carry into the context of semester term The reason for choosing Calculus I is because it is largely considered as the backbone of the calcu- lus series.

For completion of the analyses, a regression model with only the academic vari- ables in the model was fitted with each of the variables in Table 6 added in last to see the effect of the course in question when other academic variables are already used as predictors of Calculus I performance. However, only the pertinent models are reported here.

Almost all these students have Arabic as their first language as well as it being the language of instruction during their previous schooling. Help Center Find new research papers in: The effect of learning mathematics in a second language on reasoning ability, Dissertation Abstract International, 33 6 Chinese and English mathematics language: The Program teaches over 2, students from all over the country each year. Findings from a survey of the empirical literature. The best model seems to suggest that the academic subjects of the preparatory year are important predictors of Calculus I performance.

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The implications of this finding for academic policy are discussed.

They have an effect only when they interact with other variables. Critical variables in mathematics education: If there is anything I can do, don’t hesitate to call me at or e-mail me. The most common approach is a one-year prepara- tory programme. Consequently, all students admitted to KFUPM are required to complete a one-year preparatory programme before starting their undergraduate studies.

Other factors that contributed significantly in the best model included some interaction of the preparatory-year courses. At the university entry level, different Middle Eastern universities use different programmes to bridge the gap that this language switch may cause. Remember me on this computer. That is, for Termthe profile of Calculus I student performance is better explained by a gradient that is smaller than what is represented by MATH effects alone.

I am excited that you are taking time to utilize the information provided on the website. This result corroborates with many studies in the literature Begle, ; Tuli, ; Jamison, ; Kelly, ; Soares, ; Yushau, On the other hand, jointly, the two mathematics courses explain twenty- seven per cent of the total variance, while the two English courses explain barely more than three per cent. An exploration of extra and classroom variables for three measures of college mathematics achievement academic achievementDissertation Abstract International, 55 9 Language influence on mathematics achievement of Capeverdean students, Dissertation Abstract International, 43 12 The non-significant variables were reported in Table 3.

As can be noticed from Table 4, all three models are statistically significant at alpha 0. Had this approach been used, a different result may have been obtained. So, no at- tempt was made to qualitatively through interviews or classroom observations inves- tigate the same problem.

Table 3 gives three of these models and variables therein. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Click here to sign up. Thirdly, the variables examined here are certainly not exhaustive and other factors such as student reading habits, level of motivation, etc.


On the other hand, the typical calculus sequence of courses is considered the nucleus of modern mathematics and vital for any science and engineering related courses, in which KFUPM specialises. For a student to go for any academic programme of his choice, he has to meet some minimum entry requirement based on the preparatory-year mathematics and En- glish courses. I get to be their mentor, confidant and problem solver but most importantly I get to be their friend.

The trend is much more in area of sciences, medical, and engineering courses. It can also be useful for other universities with similar preparatory-year programmes.

I truly work to make a difference in their education. However, Model 3 is the best model and explains about 36 per cent of the total variance in the Calculus I grade. The predictors of success of computer aided learning of pre- calculus algebra. Summary of the value of each coefficient with standard error, t-statistics, and p-value.

It is our hope that, due to lack of research in this area, the data presented in this study will serve as a starting point, and hopefully contribute to the field of mathematics education. Our focus in this study is on students 0011 the Calculus I strand. Firstly, our data collection method and analysis are quantitative in nature.

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The number of students with these letter grades and corresponding numer- ical grades in the regression analyses are given in Table 2. Number of students from each Term. Method The participants whose grades formed the data of this study were male students with an average age of 19 years, mostly in the first year of university life after the completion of their preparatory-year programme.

Summary of the variables in the best three models. Results and discussion In the course of this investigation several models were developed using regression anal- ysis.