The main characters are Juno Boyle, Jack Boyle, Mary Boyle, Johnny Boyle and Joxer Daly. play that he is “struttin’ about the town like a paycock with Joxer, I suppose”. Act II opens with the stage directions stating that “the furniture is more. 2 ACT I The living room of a two-room tenancy occupied by the BOYLE family in a A 3 JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK ACT teapot is on the hob and a frying-pan. Juno and the Paycock Themes. “Isn’t all religions curious?-if they weren’t you wouldn’t get anyone to believe in them” – Captain Boyle, Act II.

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JERRY catching her arm. He hates to be assed to stir. MARY looking at the paper. If you go on talkin’ like this, Jerry Devine, you’ll make me hate you! Nobody but meself knows the sufferin’ I’m goin’ through with the te in these legs o’ mine! What’s th’ world comin’ to at all? On the mantelshelf is an alarm clock lying on its face.

Nugent, the ouT legs. It is two months later. Bentham has to say, an’ then, maybe, you’ll change your opinion.

Close that door there and sit down here. Be the way things is lookin’, it’ll be a match between him an’ Mary. I wouldn’t mind if he had said it to meself; but, no, oh no, he rushes in an’ shouts it out in front o’ Juno, an’ you know what Juno is, Joxer. Oh, he’ll come in when th likes; struttin’ about the town like a paycock with Joxer, I suppose.


I don’t know, mother.

There’s a terrible tatheraraa — that’s a stranger — that’s nobody belongin’ to the house. Boyle’s song before we start th’ gramophone?


You hardly speak to me, an’ then only a word with a face o’ bittherness on it. Ah, don’t disturb yourself, Mr. It’s me should be poppin’ off to the doctor instead o’ Mary, the way I feel.

An’ Paycok takin’ a leaf out o’ the worl’s buk; when we got the makin’ of our own laws I thought we’d never stop to look behind us, but instead of that we never stopped to look before us 1 If the people ud folley up their religion betther there’d be a betther chance for us — what do you think, Mr.

He is a man of about sixty; stout, grey- haired and stocky.

BBC Bitesize – GCSE English Literature – Plot summary – CCEA – Revision 2

Will you let me alone, will you let me alone? On the table is an old attache case. He rushes out J MRS. Where’s the Captain, Mrs. Sit down, Joxer, sit down. It looks like it when I’m putting uuno my hat, doesn’t it? An’ what ud prevent me from gettin’ th money? Joxer, stick your head out o’ the window an’ see. Did you ever know me to twist; did you ever know me to twist?

News of a murder Juno and Mary discuss the newspaper story about the murder of the son of one of their neighbours – Jnuo Tancred. There, now; go back an’ lie down agen, an I’ll bring you in a nice cup o’ tay.

He was a nice quiet boy, but lattherly he went to hell, with his Republic first, an’ Republic last an’ Republic over all. Joxer an’ you at it agenr — when are you goin’ to have a little respect for your- self, an’ not be always makin’ a show of qct all?


BOYLE enters; it is apparent from the serious look on her face that some- thing has happened. For instance, she would help a neighbour’s sick child; she would probably oaycock the child, but her intentions would be to cure it; she would be more at home helping a dray- man to lift a fallen horse. Still an’ all, he died a noble death, an’ we’ll bury him like a king, MRS.

The door opens and a bearded man looking in says]: BOYLE going towards door. And lovers around her are sighing! We’re goin’ now to the doctor’s.

Plot summary

It is all vital force in man, in all animals, and in all vegetation. Ah, afther all, an honest man’s the noblest work o’ God! Ah, I won’t stop very long anyhow. Come in an’ have a hot cup o’ tay, Mrs. I’m glad I’ve found you; you were stoppin’ at your aunt’s; I called there but you’d gone.

Full text of ” OU Juno And The Paycock”

Are yous goin’ to put on th’ gramophone to-night, or are yous not? How much would a top-coat like that be, now?

I’d like to know how a body’s not to mind these things; look at the way they’re afther leavin’ the people in this junoo house.