Tools that can be used by international visitors to collect information by themselves when disasters occur. Websites etc. JNTO Global. The JNTO hosted a Japan roadshow at Customs House last night. sumo wrestling in Tokyo and staying in a farmhouse out of Takayama. Japan International Airport (Centrair), Hida Takayama is a city in the mountainous region which also portrays JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organisation).

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It is also sister cities with Lijiang, a city in Southwestern China known for its traditional architecture and spectacular views of nearby mountains. Share Tweet Pin reddit. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. We use cookies to improve our contents.

Gifu Miyagawa Morning Takaymaa Gifu-ken.

Takayama, Japan Weather Forecast | Japan National Tourism Organization

Gifu Gero Onsen Gifu-ken. To the west of Takayama, Mt. There are three public baths, and the private ones attached to hotels and ryokan are open to the public at certain times of the day.

The sound of a cicada. Home Plan your event City search. Morioka unfolds from the base of the magnificent Mt. How to Get There. Tohoku Morioka unfolds from the base of the magnificent Mt. That heritage is highlighted each spring and fall in festivals the city hosts. Sanmachi, heart of Takayama. Whether you see one or both of the days, this festival is a must-see, and, hopefully, one that you can fit your schedule around.

Jigokudani snow monkey park. Tokyo is the leading Japanese city for conventions; the political, economic and cultural capital has more convention facilities and guest rooms and Newsletter Sign up and receive the latest news and information about Japan!


Hikisoroe refers to the practice of aligning the yatai along the streets of the town near Hie Shrine. Fall and Spring Editions. Enter your proposal or inquiry.

Useful tools for tourists when a natural disaster occurs

Museums, taakyama, sports venues and more can be adapted to your requirements. Hakusan is also a favored spot for climbers and nature photographers alike, with stunning waterfalls and lakes around the base of the mountain. The fall festival generally falling on October 9th – 10th is an annual festival held at Sakurayama Hachimanjingu.

On festival weekends, the streets throng with visitors and locals who come to enjoy festival food, the ornate floats and the spirited atmosphere. If you continue to browse, you accept the takayaama of cookies on our site. The seven-minute Shinhotaka Rope Way sky tram took me up to jnro panoramic viewing platform. The Takayama Festival is a general term used for a festival held every spring and fall in Takayama city, Gifu prefecturewhich is located in Japan’s Tokai region.

Planning a Trip to Japan? Gifu, Takayama, Sakuracho Official Website: Widely considered Gifu’s crown jewel, the mountain-ringed city of Takayama is a fantastic destination in itself, but also an excellent base takayam which to explore the Japan Alps and the surrounding Hida takaayma.

The god is carried from its shrine around the city, approving and blessing the activities of the people. The Gorgeous Takayama Festival: Sendai boasts a wonderful balance of beautiful nature and academic research, and is the political and economic core of the Tohoku region. What Is the Takayama Festival?

Browse our booklets, pictures and videos library and find the right tools to help you promote your MICE event in Japan. Promotional Resources Browse our booklets, pictures and videos library and find the right tools to help you promote your MICE event in Japan.


Thirty minutes northeast of Hida Furukawa stands Kamioka Castle. Shikoku Tokushima Takamatsu Matsuyama. Gifu Sanmachi Historic District Gifu-ken.

Gifu Hida Folk Village Gifu-ken. Both festivals have the yatai traveling around the town with a hundred lanterns lit on each of them.

Takayama and the Northern Alps | Only in Japan

It makes sense that Takayama is sister city to Cusco, the culturally rich and picturesque Peruvian city with an Incan heritage that is set in the Andes. Takayama Festival View Map. Tsuruoka is located in the middle of the Shonai area on the Sea of Japan side of Yamagata Prefecture, which is a culture zone that features three i Translated by Jay Issei Karslake.

It manages to transport the participants back to the Edo Period! As our taxi driver missed the entrance and proceeded to do a U-turn in the middle of the road, I thought the gorgeous fall colors enveloping the highway around us might have mesmerized him, Hirayu is the western gateway to Kamikochi Matsumoto performs this role in the easta hiker’s paradise accessible only by bus, taxi or on foot.

This will take four hours and 20 minutes, and cost 14, yen. Hokkaido Sapporo Asahikawa Kushiro. The Takayama Festival is held each spring and fall in Takayama, Gifu prefecture.