Tools that can be used by international visitors to collect information by themselves when disasters occur. Websites etc. JNTO Global. The JNTO hosted a Japan roadshow at Customs House last night. sumo wrestling in Tokyo and staying in a farmhouse out of Takayama. Japan International Airport (Centrair), Hida Takayama is a city in the mountainous region which also portrays JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organisation).

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I dined on a delicious sukiyaki served on my room, followed by a traditional shiatsu massage.

To get to Hie Shrine and Sakurayama Hachimangu, the main stages of the Takayama Festival, it’s best to go to the nearest train station which is Takayama Station. Fall and Spring Editions. On both October 9th and 10th, there are events such takaywma the Karakuri performance, a play featurng mechanical dolls, and the Yatai Hikisoroe, where the eleven yatai are assembled together on the main path towards the shrine.

Useful tools for tourists when a natural disaster occurs | HIDA TAKAYAMA

Chugoku Matsue Okayama Hiroshima Shimonoseki. To the west of Takayama, Mt.

Trains from Nagoya leave for Takayama every hour, taking about minutes one way. I stayed in Matsunoi-ryokan, with a lovely outdoor onsen. Hokkaido Sapporo offers the perfect blend of magnificent nature and urban convenience, with an abundance of centrally located meeting facilities and hotels If hiking is not your thing, visit the hot spring town of Shin-Hotaka Onsen where you can ride the Shinhotaka Ropeway up into the Japan Alps.

A number of sake breweries are also located either in or nearby the Sanmachi district.


Miso cooked on magnolia leaf. The mountains stretched on and on—a huge area, stretching into the distance. Tohoku Sendai boasts a wonderful balance of beautiful nature and academic research, and is the political and economic core of the Tohoku region. Highlights And Schedule In Takayama has all these qualities: What Is the Takayama Festival? We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience.

Hikisoroe refers to the practice of aligning the yatai along the streets of the town near Hie Shrine. The current structure dates back to but the original was built on the same site in The old city has lovely coffee shops where you can to sit and watch people and recharge for more festival action. An hour south of Takayama, or two hours north of Nagoya, Gero Onsen is a renowned hot spring resort.

The Takayama Festival is held each spring and fall in Takayama, Gifu prefecture. If you continue to browse, you accept the use of cookies on our site. The spring Yomatsuri starts from Hokkaido Sapporo Asahikawa Kushiro. Norikura is another popular hiking destination. The mood of the festivals is joyous—a happy communion between the people of Takayama and the place they live.

Home Plan your event City search. Karakuri dolls are mechanical or clockwork dolls, also known as automatons.

The Gorgeous Takayama Festival: Highlights And Schedule In 2018

On festival weekends, the streets throng with visitors and locals who come to enjoy festival food, the ornate floats and the spirited atmosphere. Unique Venues Look here for an original venue for your event, a location that is not primarily destined to host a MICE event. Sapporo offers the perfect blend of magnificent nature and urban convenience, with an abundance of centrally located meeting facilities and hotels Visiting Japan In Winter On both April 14th and 15th, there are events such as the Yatai Hikisoroe held here.


Widely considered Gifu’s crown jewel, the mountain-ringed city of Takayama is a fantastic destination in itself, but also an excellent base from which to explore the Japan Alps and the surrounding Hida area. We’ve summarized the festival dates ofthe highlights of the festival, and how to get there below.

The festivals honor the Shinto god who resides at the base of the mountain that rises behind the city.

The schedule is listed below. Takayama is a haven for history buffs.

Takayama and the Northern Alps | Only in Japan

If you continue to browse, you accept the use of cookies on our site. You could spend a whole day wandering these old streets, buying souvenirs from the many craft shops, sampling local tea takyaama digging into local treats like wagyu sushi.

Every morning, merchants set up their stalls, selling everything from vegetables to artisanal craftworks.

It makes sense that Takayama is sister city to Cusco, takayamma culturally rich and picturesque Peruvian city with an Incan heritage that is set in the Andes. The town has an atmosphere that makes visitors feel as though they have traveled back through time to the Edo period.