Sometimes it feels as though entire hominid species have evolved in less time than it takes to read “The Land of Painted Caves,” the sixth and. 1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In The Land of Painted Caves, Jean M. Auel brings her ice-age epic series, Earth’s Children®, to an extraordinary. Map of the travels of Ayla of the Mamutoi and Zelandonii in the book ‘The Land of Painted Caves’ by Jean Auel. This is the right way up to look.

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The timeframe jumps ahead by four years at auep point, totally without warning and apparently totally without reason too. I have never seen an author cavea was so incredibly untrue to her characters.

I’m very glad I purchased this book on Kindle, because I will never buy a printed version to finish out my Earth’s Children collection. But at least it was only the last 3 hours of the audio and not the whole book. As of her books have sold more than 45 million copies worldwide, in many translations.

The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M Auel: Bad sex award extract | Books | The Guardian

Quotes from The Land of Paint This would have been the place to add all new material. When you are writing the verses to chants or songs in another language, especially sacred ones, do not, I repeat, do not try to make the words rhyme in English.

I am Cxves disappointed. The first book was by far the best. Had these descriptions been written with skill, vigour, or imagination, it might not have been too bad, but unfortunately the vast majority of descriptions in Painted Caves are dry, dull and technical. Why act all hurt and upset because she finally got there? Earth’s Children 6 books.

Other books in the series. That was the taste he knew, the taste of Ayla that he loved. This would explain a lot of the repetition and why it was so particularly bad this time round.


I know Auel stated publicly that this would never happen in the series, but what if Ayla had decided to go back in search of Durc, or he had come looking for her? Zelandoni can read people’s minds because At 13 years old Ayla was my hero when I didn’t have one. You’ll be so soused by the third chapter that it may not hurt to keep reading.

The Land of Painted Caves (Earth’s Children, #6) by Jean M. Auel

E il rosso sangue gli faceva fare dei brutti sogni kf un campo totalmente grigio. After reading several other reviews which uniformly bagged it, which all made me choke laughing at my stupidity, imagining that there could be some actual imagination and creativity and quality left in this saga of sagas, I finally got to yours.

Then the Zelandoni beat them pianted death in an instance of mob justice. Jun 08, DeAnna rated it did not like it.

Absolutely no character development of the beloved heroine, Ayla. Views Read Edit View history. The ending, in which Jondalar pulls Ayla out of her drug spiral, is just a complete copy and paste of the same incident in The Mammoth Hunters. The woman can do pretty much anything and everyone will applaud her. I want to sleep late and take naps in the day, and sometimes if I stand for a long time, my back hurts.

What is this supposed to MEAN?

The Land of Painted Caves

And then, there are the Sacred Caves, the caves that Ayla’s mentor–the Donier, the First of the Zelandonia–takes her to see. Once again I say to you; duh. The Land of Painted Caves is a poorly written, repetitive, tedious, unenjoyable mess. Follow me on Twitter! My final hope is that I have stirred your curiosity enough to peek your desire have your own marathon.

One night Ayla makes some mint tea, actually the dried herb mixture given to her in the second part of the book, and is Called. Maybe someday we will see a re-release with edited versions: But I never could resist following what happens to Ayla! The discovery of this plot twist comes pretty much out of the blue; if it was set up a cavees better, with some real time spent on establishing how Jondalar comes round to that way of thinking, it quel be just about believable, but certainly not with Marona, a stock character who has been vicious to Ayla pretty much from day one — Zolena, Joplaya, or any other woman really would have been a more believable choice.


Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. It honestly felt like that the author left it open enough to continue the story in some way, assertions on the dust jacket aside “the last in the series”, it said.

Jondalar and Ayla act like if middle schoolers. Spellbinding drama, meticulous research, fascinating detail, and superb narrative skill combine to make The Land of Painted Caves a captivating, utterly believable creation of a long ago civilization that serves as an astonishing end to this beloved saga.

But of course it is! I also am assuming the author mean made use of new discoveries about this period; I know she does do quite a bit of research. Ayla’s final preparations for her lane as a Zelandoni bring The Land of Painted Caves to a riveting climax. I know the lady did a lot of research, but where were her editors?

Well, we read the Mother’s Song eighteen bazillion times Even when Jondalar cheats on her with that malicious slut, I just rolled my eyes at the rehashing of the plot of MH that followed. She could have named this book “The Mammoth Hunters Revisted: There is a lot — no, really, a lot — of repetition. Well, this book answered absolutely NONE of my questions. I remember the jea I had when Stephen King got hit by that van, thinking Roland was going to die with him.

View all 20 comments. It is an execrable excuse for a novel.