Jafari: Shii Legal Thought and Jurisprudence. Named after the sixth imam (in this case, descendant of Muhammad through the appropriate line), Jafar al-Sadiq. I want to read Ja’fari Fiqh by Imam Ja’far al Sadiq (as). Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required. This work is an authoritative compilation of Islamic law based on the jurisprudence of the Shiite Imam, Ja`far al-Sadiq. In volume 1, the laws.

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Therefore the Abbasids had to resort to propaganda and other tactics to isolate Ahl al-Bayt. Muslim, Sahih Egyptvol. A group of h adith scholars has reported the Holy Prophet S to have said: Can you read and understand Arabic, Frosty? Add to that the fact that before the ghayba you’re looking at hundred years of time wherein a communal standard and practice could be established.

After narrating the H adith ath-ThaqalaynMuslim ibn al-Hajjaj thus says:. Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, vol.

I have many questions first let me ask, am I to understand that there is no books on Ja’fari fiqh at all? So they repeatedly tried to assassinate the Holy Prophet SAWW on many occasions including during various armed battles such as Badr, Uhod, Trench warsbut they failed in all cases. Recognizes four sources of Islamic law: For example Imam Hassan al-Askari a.

During this period, the power gap allowed for the Imam to spread the knowledge of Ahlul Bayt and teach the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family. Over the next years, these two rival dynasties sought to establish their own rule.


If not, where can I find a manual of Ja’fari fiqh? When the Umayyad dynasty was on the decline and Abbasids were fighting for the throne, Imam Sadiq a.

fiqh jafari – Ijtihad Network

About What’s New Log in. An Introduction to Shi’i Islam. Ja’fari School, therefore, draws upon traditions from all legitimate successors of Prophet Muhammad, a total of 12 Imams.

I want to study Ja’fari fiqh like one would study Hanafi or Hanbali fiqh. Enter your Email address. Sign up using Email and Password. Posted September 18, edited. I’m still stuck in my Sunni mindset on a lot of matters, fqh apologies. This school of thought takes a restrictive approach to ijtihad.

Sadly, most of these contemporary works written by their disciples are lost to us, though, not completely, as it was from the contents of these early works that the hadith collections such as Kafi, Man La Yahduruhu al-Faqih, etc.

To us, there really is not such thing as “Ja’fari Fiqh” its more of a term used in relation to other school of thoughts’ existence.

Question 28: What are the sources of Shi‘i jurisprudence {fiqh}?

Kitab Salam Khurasani; Sign up for a new account in our community. No, by Allah, a woman lives with a man as his wife for a certain period; he then divorces her and she goes back to her parents and to her people; the members of his household include his own self and his kith and fkqh who are related to him by blood and for him the acceptance of zakah is prohibited.


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To us, this is just the real shari’ah of Islam and everything else is in error in some way or another. I remind you of your duties to the members of my family. The other tribe was the Umayyads who were idol-worshiping pagans.

One of the critiqes I have read is that Imam Ja’far as-Sadq as didn’t write a book of fiqh hafari the Sunni Imams and that Shi’is following fiqah al-Ja’fari isn’t the same or legitimate as a Sunni brother learning and following the madhab of Maliki for example.

Register a new account. I see, could you perhaps jaafri me where I can get these books? Imam as-Sadiq as did have books, but they have been lost to us. Some of these books survived and some were destroyed in the course of history.

Who are the Ahl al-Bayt of the Prophet S?