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The Client-Side Programming Models. Omitting the detail Element 4. Messaging Modes versus Messaging Exchange Patterns 4.

The Handler Runtime Environment Creating an Association The Endpoint Interface The findQualifiers Criteria Assigning and Locating Schemas 3. WS-I Conformance Claims 5. Handler Chains and Order of Processing A Heavyweight Example The LifeCycleManager Interface An Overview of J2EE 1. The port-component-ref Element Advanced XML Schema 3.



An Overview of J2EE 1. The SpecificationLink Information Object Description Web Services is the latest trend to hit the software industry.

The getHttpSession Method The Technologies of Web Services. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Exceptions and Order of Processing The soap-header Elements Using the ServletEndpointContext Interface The Association Information Object The enumeration Facet 3.

WS-I Conformance Claims 6. Create a SpecificationLink The getMessageContext Method The writeTo Method Under the Covers The package-mapping Element servides Web services are revolutionizing the way enterprises conduct business, as they allow disparate applications to communicate and exchange business data.

The handler-name Element The operation Element 5. Richaard handler-class Element Transactions in a Nutshell Multi-threading and JSEs XML Schema Basics 3.

A Lightweight Example The businessService and bindingTemplate Structures.