Deschooling Society () is a critical discourse on education as practised in modern economies. It is a book that brought Ivan Illich to public attention. Deschooling Society: Ivan Illich: In Deschooling Society (), his best-known and most influential book, Illich articulated his highly radical ideas about. School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.”.

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Nov 03, Andrew Neuendorf rated it it was amazing. Do charter school opponents really think our public school system is distributing resources equitably?

Deschooling Society | work by Illich |

In such lessons the formal teacher-pupil relations, with all the tensions those entail, evaporated. The claim that a liberal society can be built on a compulsory and coercive ritual is therefore paradoxical. Like any other cultish institution, schools promote the further growth of themselves, not the knowledge they advertise, a process deschoolong ruins true opportunity for enlightenment.

No trivia or quizzes yet. On the left end are what he deems “convivial” institutions. Schooling in Capitalist America: The poor find new forms of discrimination in education which benefits the children of the middle-classes proportionally more. The internet has undoubtedly made it much easier to learn practical and hobby-type skills like playing instruments, knitting, and cookery techniques.

Trivia About Deschooling Society.

And this monopoly of schools over the very definition of education, Illich argued, not only inhibits alternatives but also leads siciety lifelong dependence on other service monopolies.

I realize he was writing during a time when many people believed capitalism would be overthrown, so i give him some leeway on this, but his solutions are incredibly myopic.


5 Radical Quotes from Ivan Illich’s ‘Deschooling Society’ — Rise Up for Students

The answer is obvious. Preview — Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich. The progressive underdevelopment of self- and community-reliance is even more typical in Westchester than it is in the northeast of Brazil. But the core point has so changed my illichh that I’m also inclined to doubt my negative judgement of other aspects of the book.

Illich sees in these institutions which we see as benign signs of disempowerment. It would be interesting to see more of how Illich envisages technology being used by convivial institutions.

Deschooling Society

My thoughts on it can be roughly grouped under three headings: It is rather ililch result of unhampered participation in a meaningful setting. I think he’s largely correct that public education reinforces class differences and drains students of intrinsic motivation. We have already mentioned how Illich sees pedagogical alienation as more profound than the alienation of labour.

He also analyses the multiple and total roles of the teacher in this enclosed institution.

We need research on the possible use of technology to create institutions which serve personal, creative, and autonomous interaction and the emergence of values which cannot be substantially controlled by technocrats. I begin ollich analysis, in this first essay, by trying to convey what the deschooling of a schooled society might mean.

I was given total freedom to shape my project and choose the methods and data I used, with very little input from my supervisor or indeed anyone else.

Illich also points out that the commitment to ever rising production has not in fact led to an abolition of poverty simply through the creation of an abundance.


He went to Mexico where he founded the Center for Intercultural Documentation. I’ve got to admit that hopelessness has set in. My analysis of the dsechooling curriculum of school should make it evident that public education would profit from the deschooling of society, just as family life, politics, security, faith, and communication would profit from an analogous process.

The teacher has three roles; custodian, therapist and preacher. There is nothing in this analysis which would favour it being deployed in support of some call for a utopian school. Institutional wisdom tells us that children learn in school. Account Options Sign in. Illich thinks deschooling central to the adjustment to bring society to a more humane level.

Apr 01, Lane Pybas rated it really liked it. It’s painful to watch a child skip to school in kindergarten, but drag her feet by the time she gets to fourth grade.

Samuel BowlesHerbert Gintis No preview available – Morticians formed a profession, a dominant and disabling one, when they acquired the muscle to have the police stop your burial if you are not embalmed and boxed by them.

Illich sees in modern schools a false myth of salvation.