AmpFlSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR. Amplification Kit for use with: reaction kit (Part no. ). reaction kit (Part no. ). Publication Part. Development and validation of the AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR Amplification Kit: a multiplex assay for the direct amplification of. The AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR Amplification Kit has been developed specifically to help address the DNA extraction and purification bottleneck that.

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The information More information. Promega Corporation, Updated September Our studies indicate the optimum PCR cycle number should generate profiles with the following heterozygote peak heights, with no instances of allelic dropout and minimal occurrence of off-scale direch peaks.

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The GeneAmp More information. Substrate examples Product description Treated paper: Before using this product, read and understand the information the Safety appendix in this document.

User Bulletin Software Version 4. Technical Focus Being Direcy Negative control Test samples Positive control 1. Seed cells in plate format.

Version 1 Last Updated 1. Periodically, optimizations and revisions are made to the kit More information.

Increase the amount of DNA in the sequencing reactions. Use of this thermal cycling platform may adversely affect performance of the Identifiler Direct Kit.


The fluorescent dyes attached to the primers are light-sensitive. Made in Spain The information in this guide is subject to change without.

Please refer to the User Guide of your automated or semi-automated disc punch instrument for proper guidance. Periodically, optimizations and revisions are made to the kit. Data is therefore collected More information. Terence Higgins 3 years ago Views: Determine optimum conditions 1.

The addition of the degenerate primers allows for the amplification of those alleles in samples containing the mutations without altering the overall performance of the Identifiler Direct Kit. DNA Sequence Analysis Two general kinds of analysis Screen for one of a set of known sequences Determine the sequence even if it is novel Screening for a known sequence usually involves an oligonucleotide.

GoClone Repor ter Construc ts: To understand how DNA s chemical properties can be exploited for purification 2. How multicomponent analysis works Each of these fluorescent dyes emits its maximum fluorescence at a different wavelength.

Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures. Keep freeze-thaw cycles to a minimum. Not intended for any animal or human.

AmpFlSTR Identifiler Direct PCR Amplification Kit – PDF

Make the punch as close as possible to the center of the sample to ensure optimum peak intensity. The Results Editor home screen. There are two forms. Do not refreeze the reagents. Materials to be Supplied. User Bulletin Sequencing Analysis Software v5. Difect Immunoprecipitation PR 01 G-Biosciences technical gbiosciences.


G March Change copyright page information. Add samples to the reaction plate: Radioactive label, silver More information. Blood and buccal samples collected on untreated paper substrates and treated with Applied Biosystems Prep-n-Go Buffer.

AmpFlSTR Identifiler Direct PCR Amplification Kit

The Veriti Thermal Cycler does not require a compression pad. Do not add a blank disc to the positive control well. Information in this document is subject to change without. Careful optimization of the cycle number will help to minimize this variation. The Allelic Ladder contains most of the alleles reported for the 15 autosomal loci.

Single-source blood samples on treated paper or untreated paper Buccal samples on treated paper, untreated paper, or swabs When amplifying single-source, unpurified samples using the Identifiler Direct Kit, you should expect to see greater variation in peak height from sample to sample than is expected with purified samples. Table 1 shows the loci amplified, their chromosomal locations, and the corresponding fluorescent marker dyes.

Place the tip of a 1. New Features in Version 5. Windows and Windows Vista are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.