Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism (ISBN ), by Ozzie Zehner, was published in by. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Zehner, Ozzie. Green illusions: the dirty secrets of clean energy and the future of environmentalism / Ozzie. Green Illusions. The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism. Ozzie Zehner. Our Sustainable Future Series. pages 12 illustrations.

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I definitely thought solar energy through photovoltaic cells was great for the environment. May 23, Aaron rated it it was amazing.

It is not easily possible for the average person to conclusively determine as to which side is telling the truth.

Does IoT come with that burger? Wind power suffers from unpredictable supply issues and adverse environmental side effects. Jan 27, Frank Berg rated it it was amazing. Instead, we need to curb our rampant consumerism without asking the scientists and engineers to solve the problem for us.

Green Illusions Summary | Ozzie Zehner | 6-Minute Summary

Anyone lacking an interest in the aforementioned topics should quickly read up on climate change and environmental degradation. Mention that you are my guest to receive a complimentary ticket at the box office or call Conventional energy sources, like fossil fuels and nuclear power, are dangerous and environmentally damaging.

If you are a liberal who loves solar cells you may hate the first seven chapters wh If this were just some conservative oil loving blowhard’s diatribe about how alternative energy sucks I would have never bothered picking up the book. So, too, are other areas that he thinks are given short shrift in green circles: He shows that the life cycle of bio-fuels eventually results in accelerated climate change due to destruction of rainforests, as per the experience in Brazil; manufacture of solar cells result in large emission of toxic greenhouse gases like hexafluoroethane C2F6, Nitrogen trifluoride NF3 and sulphur hexafluoride SF6which are twelve to seventeen thousand times more potent than CO2.


It’s a book that is very provocative.

ggreen Why did we ever think electric cars would be clean in the first place? Jun 17, Greg Allan Holcomb rated it really liked it. View all 5 comments.

The hype surrounding these alternative energy sources is overrated, as each of them has serious drawbacks. What does the future look like for ERP systems? I wouldn’t advise getting too caught up with the figures in the early chapters though, the point is alternative energy sources cannot sustain our level of consumption.

No doubt, gasoline- and diesel-fueled cars are expensive and dirty.

Ozzie Zehner’s ‘Green Illusions’ Ruffles Feathers | HuffPost

IBM ErpinnewsDecember 31, Jul 14, blakeR rated grfen really liked it Shelves: Book is provocative and maybe even exaggerating about some of the things, but it definitely makes people think.

But even if geen researchers are wrong, there is a more fundamental illusion at work on the electric-car stage.

The other thing is to take a good look at packaging in the US as one-third of all garbage generated in the US is packaging material. In other words, correcting energy consumption should be our focus, rather than increasing energy production. This is an important factor indeed. I’m not saying he may not make a good point although he never responded when asked to back it upbut it’s certainly not representative of the overwhelming consensus on this book.

AI With An Ethic: Going green has become a religion – a notion I have considered but never followed through with research.

Green Illusions

Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Nonfiction Instead this book demonstrates how we fail to see the amount of production and consumption of energy as the problem and we instead fantasize about a future with all the energy we need powered by wind turbines, solar panels, and hydrogen fuel cells. Mar 14, DavidO rated it really liked it Shelves: Illuisons his writing is extremely accessible and engaging.


Why not expect solar, wind or technology to save us? How can people make a difference without imposing their beliefs on others who don’t share them? Return to Zehnwr Page. Unclean at Any Speed considers the entire life cycle of electric cars, especially their manufacturing impacts, in an effort to reveal a more comprehensive understanding of these vehicles, illusjons governments are spending billions to subsidize.

Aside from the physical lifespan, they also rely on fossil fuels for their financing. This motion infographic renders:. But the book asks us to keep an open mind above all the hype and look at cheaper, simpler alternatives grden lifestyles. The author also informs the reader about the environmental downsides to solar, wind, and other alternative technologies.

Put another way, renewable energy only ilusions sense if undertaken in concert with other, more fundamental changes in the way we deploy and make use of energy in our everyday lives. And, how did electric cars come to be revered as a symbol of progressive green identity?

Women’s rights is perhaps the most jarring one in a tome otherwise occupied with megawatts and carbon counts, but it sits at the bedrock of Zehner’s overall thesis: Stories such as these are all too familiar zshner Deb Hubsmith, director of the Safe Routes to School SRTS National Partnershipwhich institutes programs across the country to make walking and biking to school safer and more practical for students and educators.