Read more about The Pomegranate Lady And Her Sons: Selected Stories and other books by Goli Taraghi. Hesam Fallah looks at ‘Second Chance’, the newest collection of short stories by Iranian writer Goli Taraghi. The doctor knows about my love of writing. She brings me a handful of white paper and some sharp pencils. I sit at the table and am frozen. What should I write?.

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But of course, every writer has his own sensibility and personal relation with the music and the life of his language.

Because in France, even the rich, big publishing companies, like Gallimard or Actes Sud, they can get help for foreign books, for translations, and for publishing. In the [stories], there is a human and universal problem.

I am frightened and scream. Spotlights hang from the ceiling, showing the bitter lines of the faces within. My eyes gradually adjust to the darkness and I see her face in the light of the flashlight. From his pen pour fine little things, like a thousand ants, that arrange themselves on the paper. For me, to go into the inner life of human beings is more taragui, to discover myself, to discover the other one, and by discovering the other one, discovering myself.

The First Day

They come looking for me. The voice sounds like the old radio waves—sometimes loud and clear, sometimes distant and thin. Views Read Edit View history.

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Do you think that male writers have been influenced by the perspectives of women? On his brow shone a golden star, like a piece of the sun, and his penetrating eyes were staring at a far point on the horizon. The nurse comes to my rescue and takes my elbow.

My father was a writer and head of two weekly journals. Not definitely but you have no guarantee. Mother shouts to get him, and he is tied up to the tree again anew. If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw pubservice.

I particularly like the fact that they reach young readers as well as those who are generally interested in world literature. I have one or two very good translators.

Add your preferred email address and password to your account. Oftentimes, I wake up at night and see that a familiar face, from the bottom of faraway memories, has come to visit me.

Comic in the sense of being absurd, being surreal, being contradictory, being exaggerated and yet real.

Goli Taraghi | W. W. Norton & Company

Most of the writers, for example, change the place. How do you taraaghi with the government as an author and what is the current publishing apparatus in Iran?

This is only the beginning of the work. This is a theme that runs through many of your other stories as well. You probably know — I hope you know — that Kiarostami, who is the leader of Iranian cinema, started this [trend].


The fresh breath of freedom gives me the strength to write. Iranian golo before the Revolution was dominated by communist ideology, and one can define it as a sociopolitical literature.

Goli Taraghi

Soon enough, that euphoria of a golden time gave place to a deep disappointment. Then there is a dilemma with translation.

This time they fled by bus to Ankara: The doors tarayhi closed. Can you tell us about the experience of writing at home and writing in exile? They let me wander among words, to take them in my arms, to fall in love with them, or else, to beat them, to pull them apart, and tie them up head to toe.

Five Meditations on Opera. Nirvana holds a cob of corn in front of his mouth and turns it as he chews. I have good news for you.

Goli Taraghi (Author of دو دنیا)

I want someone to grab my hand and tell me to stop. Is it too early to tell? Neshat Esfahani Abbas Foroughi Bastami — What to Read Now: