Fundamentos de limnología neotropical. by Gabriel Roldán Pérez; John Jairo Ramírez Restrepo. Print book: State or province government publication. Spanish. FUNDAMENTOS DE LIMNOLOGIA NEOTROPICAL 2 EDICION by Gabriel y otro Roldan Perez at – ISBN X – ISBN Fundamentos de Limnología Neotropical – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Evaluation of photosynthetic oxygen production, pigment pattern, glutathione content and detoxication enzymes activity in the aquatic macrophyte Ceratophyllum demersum exposed to cypermethrin.

Fundamentos de limnología neotropical ( edition) | Open Library

The productivity of the C4 grass Eichinocloa polystachy a on the Amazon floodplain. Our analyses showed that the studies dealt mostly with the influences of aquatic macrophytes on organisms and abiotic features. I ; Bini, LM.

In addition, researches aiming to describe unknown species are still necessary. Among other implications, aquatic macrophytes are known as highly productive Wetzel, and with an important structuring role on aquatic environments Jeppensen et al.

Ecological Dynamics of Tropical Inland Waters. Ecological studies involving aquatic plants substantially increased just after the 60’s, following the increase of studies in shallow ecosystems, globally more numerous in comparison to deep aquatic environments Esteves ; Wetzel, ; Thomaz and Bini, These authors stress that this lead to several doubts about the geographic distribution of species and argue that investigations are essential to describe new species in threatened areas.

Together with these investigations, basic researches aiming to describe unknown species are also necessary. In fact, Esteves stressed the high abundance of floodplain shallow lagoons in Neotropics, compared to deep lakes, mostly found in temperate regions. Abundance and species richness as a function of food resources and vegetation structure: Fish assemblages with Egeria in a tropical reservoir: However, these authors fundzmentos affirm that netoropical are unknown species to be described, mainly in tropical areas, impairing estimations of species richness and geographic distribution.


The great variety of journals suggests that aquatic plants have been studied for several purposes beyond biology or ecology. Accordingly, the scientific production of Latin America also increased steeply in the last twenty years Hill, The study of aquatic macrophytes in Neotropics: Almost one third of the papers out of were done by researchers of at least two different countries fundametos indicates international cooperation.

The title, fundammentos, author addresses, publication years and publication journals were recorded for our analyses. According to these authors, the variation in hydrological levels, high turbidity and flow velocity of Brazilian lotic ecosystems limit the development of macrophytes in river main channels, what is a probable cause for the small number of studies in these ecosystems.

Studies concerning individuals are possibly related to experiments testing specific hypothesis e. Henry-Silva and Camargo, Hence, our results showed the fundxmentos of studies on macrophyte biodiversity, essential to support conservation efforts and to subsidize further investigations testing ecological hypotheses. However, taxonomic studies are still extremely scarce only nine articles; Figure 7.

Moreover, these approaches have a predictive power, and therefore, are also essential in conservation efforts Pace, An explanation is that these countries are the three largest economies among Neotropical countries World Bank, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile were the most productive among Neotropical countries.

Methods The analysis was based on abstracts of papers published between and April This is essential to support conservation efforts ufndamentos to subsidize further investigations testing ecological hypotheses.


All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. For example, there were some articles published in medical journals, since many species have been pointed as shelters for disease vectors, or even have been used in medicine.

Thus, ecological studies carried in aquatic environments must consider the aquatic macrophyte community as an essential component for ecosystem functioning and aquatic biodiversity conservation. The test of these hypotheses could be done by experiments could be then reached by experiments. The recognition of the importance of aquatic plants on the ecosystem functioning by Neotropical limnologists can be one reason for this faster increase.

Although these approaches are adequate for macrophytes, they usually lack a deeper conceptual framework necessary to be included in “hot” areas of Ecology. The high attention of this subject reflects the recognition that macrophytes cause strong changes in aquatic ecosystems e.

Fundamentos de limnología neotropical

Moreover, a reliable assessment of the biological diversity is only reached by improving taxonomical knowledge Brandon et al. Environmental factors as predictors of aquatic macrophyte richness and composition in wetlands of southern Brazil. Neiff, ; Junk, ; Esteves, Additionally, these papers were also related to studies concerning the management and control of macrophytes.