Wong – Fundamentos De Enfermagem Pediatrica. Front Cover. David Wilson, Marilyn J. Hockenberry. Elsevier (medicina) – pages. A 10º edição de Wong Fundamentos de Enfermagem Pediátrica apresenta inovações e atualizações deconteúdo, as etapas do ciclo de vida. 21 out. Read a free sample or buy Wong´s Fundamentos Enfermagem Pediátrica by David Wilson & Marilyn Hockenberry. You can read this book with.

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Iuliu Gia: PDF Wong. Fundamentos de Enfermagem Pediátrica (Em Portuguese do Brasil) Download

Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 46, Seeking a life that is closer to normality, despite pain and disease. Clinical Therapeutics, 31 8 It is even more serious when combined with chronic disease.

Children acquire emotion categories gradually. Initially, selection of the children and adolescents began with a meeting with the palliative care and pain clinic team, who suggested likely collaborators. This is explained by the fact that children in the preoperational stage interpret events in terms of the use that they have for it; funeamentos other words, Barney considers the shower a time to feel pain, because he has to take off the bandages.

Managing fever in children: parents’ knowledge and practices

The antipyretic medication is the preferred intervention of the majority of the parents. Pediatric Oncology And Hematology: American Journal of Disease of Children, 2 Home treatment of pain for children and adolescents with sickle cell disease.

Hockenberry MJ, Wilson D. The interview is only made available for viewing or publication after the adult responsible for the child or adolescent has checked the transcription and signed an assignment term for the use of the generated documents, recordings and transcriptions. Archives of Diseases in Childhood, 11 Pediqtrica for the Management of Fever in Children.

According to this theory, children are capable of making logical deductions, naming and working with quantitative relations between things and concrete thoughts, when they enter the concrete logic thought stage, at around seven years of age. Interviewing children and adolescents is challenging, because it is necessary to use an effective approach and develop a relationship based on mutual trust. The children and adolescents use medication and nonpharmacological alternatives, such as massages, hydrotherapy, enferkagem and cryotherapy in the belief that these measures will alleviate their pain.


One day, a boy asked me if my fingers were glued because I had put glue on them. I met them at the hospital. Pucca frequently feels pain and described it thus: American Journal of Disease of Children, 2.

The mood of the interview is recreated, with the objective of bringing to the reader the interaction that occurred between interviewer and collaborator 18 – After reading all the accounts, we concluded that they had their own meanings, enabling the identification of certain patterns that constructed the focus of the history. Nintendo Gamecube Metroid Prime v. Pediatrics, 6 Wong Fundamentos de Enfermagem Can you tell me when you feel the most pain?

Depression and functional disability in chronic pediatric pain. If I had to rate the pain from zero to 10, the back pain would be 4 and the leg pain would be between 6 and 7. Assessment and initial management in children younger than 5 years London: Pucca, for example, because of her disease, needs to use a wheelchair to move around; however, she was able to adapt to sports, such as basketball and swimming.

Study Guide To Accompany: After that, we got in touch with some of the adults responsible for the children and adolescents in the clinic itself, explaining the research.

Wong´s Fundamentos Enfermagem Pediátrica by David Wilson & Marilyn Hockenberry on Apple Books

Get our free newsletter Paediatric palliative home care enfermagdm general paediatricians: We found four themes: Data collection by questionnaire in the north of Portugal.

He helps me a lot in class, gets my supplies for me when I am not able, when I am not able to write he writes with me. I feel a little pain, sometimes, in my wound. HockenberryDeitra Lowdermilk 3. If these perceptions are accompanied by unpleasant comments or mockery, they can make the child feel inferior or undesirable 22funxamentos WilsonMarilyn J.


We have to apply bandages, it hurts to apply enefrmagem, that is why I take a shower and apply bandages every two days.

All students and employees have accounts.

Download Wong´s Fundamentos Enfermagem Pediátrica (Portuguese Edition) Ebook Online

My best friends are C. No existen pruebas suficientes que avalen el uso de. Considering the increase in the frequency of chronic diseases in all age groups, it is necessary for nurses and other health professionals to understand through their own accounts the experiences of children and adolescents who are suffering from pain and are receiving palliative care, making it possible to act adequately enfermageem the evaluation, management and relief of pain 10 – Despite dde fact that the literature findamentos that chronic pain in children and adolescents causes school truancy, inability take part in physical activities, sleep disturbances and problems relating to people in the same age group 7927these aspects were not identified in this study.

Sitting in the armchair and playing videogames is what I like the most to do. Summary of the italian. Even for height, they fundamenttos a lot of fun of you, they call me shorty, stumpy Pain in pediatric oncology: We chose this age group because school children and adolescents can give clear accounts more easily than younger children Esteve R, Marquina-Aponte V.

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