Enter eBook. [1. S. W. Erdnase’s. The Expert at the Card Table. The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation. This version is hosted at andnines. com. “Free Ebook: Learn How YOU Can Become an Expert At The Card Table!” The Expert At The Card Table by S.W. Erdnase is considred “the card men’s bible” by . Welcome! This subreddit is for sharing or discussing magic – close up, parlor, stage, busking, comedy, mentalism, or otherwise.

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Please see this thread about joining this private subreddit. Some think it is E.

Free copy of The Expert At The Card Table

Free Sources for Magic. It should make the Table of Contents visible. Do not message us for access. We strive to create the very best magical products the world has ever seen.

But I think I was overreacting. Magic subscribe unsubscribe 44, readers users here now Welcome!

Let us know if you can’t access it or if you need anything else. You can read it online. Submit text – Do NOT ask for secrets! This isnt piracy, copnjuring arts published it, they can out it on the internet. We work with the United States Playing Card co and have produced 14 lines of playing card decks that are repeatedly acclaimed by top industry pros and magic enthusiasts all over the world.


Anyway – thought I’d pass it along If it’s in public domain then erdnasd isn’t piracy its sharing free material.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Free Erdnase!

Sep 3, Messages: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. ID4 Find latest posts.

Results 1 to 11 of We are always trying to improve all of our products, and we erdnaee like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that we have updated the download with a complete list of bookmarks making it exceptionally easy to get to wherever you would like in the book. Exposure is explicitly disallowed, so don’t join if you’re just hoping to learn a secret.

Learning to read a magic book. Sep 1, Messages: How did you do that?

If you want to print a copy of Erdnase, I’ve also got an A4 and letter format version available for download on my blog. Jul 7, Do you already have an account?


Ednase publisher of this edition has posted a free downloadable version so everyone can have it so it’s not piracy. No need to do anything special, this is already available from your current download link. The mods of this sub are not the mods of mentalism. MagicSecrets is a place for people to post their practice routines and ask for feedback.

FREE! The Expert at the Card Table by S. W. Erdnase (Conjuring Arts Free Book Club) : Magic

How to create patter. The magazine is basically just an ‘advertising catalogue’ however – most of the products and services in it are ‘free’ or close to it. Log in or sign up in seconds. How to read a magic book.