One Second After has ratings and reviews. Timmy said: 5 things I hated about One Second After – 1. Every important adult male character. Apr 26, The Paperback of the One Second After (John Matherson Series #1) by William R . Forstchen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Jan 12, One Second After. William R. Forstchen, Author, Newt Gingrich, Foreword by. Forge $ (p) ISBN

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It is a book that we should all read and take into consideration. There is so much to think about doing. Forstchen isn’t afraid to wear his politics on his sleeve. The power went out here in town last year, and fprstchen minutes of finding out, I had several large buckets filled with water, just in case.

There is not a single redeemable thing about this pne. Anyway, the main character saunters to the head of the long line waiting to get medication and proceeds to harangue one of the pharmacists to give him an excessive supply of insulin for his daughter. Distances that, today, are insignificant, would mean never again seeing loved ones or even your own home if you were stranded far enough awaywithout transportation of any kind.

This personal look into conservative lives is a nice byproduct of why I picked up “One Second After,” but not the main secoond.

Instead, they galavant in their pool while the rest of the world is falling apart. I know what you mean. Whatever it was, the protagonist just jumped right into the role of town executioner without the requisite inner monologue questioning the morality of the action.

Dead people all around, filth, no water, body waste, etc. That would make reading this book much more manageable. Minor wounds become seriously infected, and the community has soon exhausted its supply of antibiotics.


Where does your insulin come from? If not, spring a obe Katrina ater them — meaning no food, water, tents, medical supplies or equipment coming in from outside.

If this EMP ever happens, I am toast. Increasingly, Matherson is forced by circumstances to assume a growing leadership role as the situation continues to deteriorate. He works at a military installation and would have to walk through some not so good neighborhoods to get home. Eye roll after eye roll. I hate to do this, but I’m going to challenge your reply above.

Grid down would NOT mean no electricity anywhere. In a rorstchen end of the world scenario, stocking up on food will be viewed as hoarding and susceptible to confiscation.

I am outside a metro area and do not think we would be safe for long.

15 Things I learned from One Second After & My Survival Tips

I absolutely hate this character. My two cousins and their spouses are reading this book. That is truly going to be the tragedy! As mentioned by many others here they have no concept of taking care of themself or planning for future.

Mar 13, Corinne rated it did not like it Recommended to Corinne by: It is written simply, with one-dimensional characterization and flat dialogue. Our government, over the decades of TANF, LINK, and other programs, has created a generation of self serving, entitled, selfish people who have forstcheb concept of working for what you get. Just for fun, try saying “the complex web of our electrical distribution system” three times fast.

One Second After

Backup generators for electrical plants, including nuclear power plants, and city water and seconr systems would run out of fuel in short order. Lots of people will waste valuable time “waiting” for the electricity to come back on, and when it doesn’t, that is when the panic in the streets will happen.

Here’s the rest of my too wordy comment: Fair enough, if it were the only such afetr. The only assistance he gives is to the convenience store owner to hoard cigarettes and to gouge anyone who wants them. In this book, there are actually three EMP weapons detonated — one takes out the U. This happened, this happened, this happened… meh.


One Second After (After, #1) by William R. Forstchen

But there was a mountain of things that were simply put away without be tried out and tested. Rawles, over at survivalblog. What if those shut off? And that’s what makes all the difference to me. Learn to carry a gun, ladies. Worse, everyone’s referencing movies, books, ssecond historical tragedies, but with no subtlety or attempt to weave afger reference into the story. The town must organize its young and able-bodied to defend itself against a marauding band of cannibals, who eventually attack the community, resulting in a violent and deadly battle.

The novel deals with an unexpected electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States as it affects the people living in and around the small American town of Black Mountain, North Carolina.

One Second After was released on March 17,and a trade paperback edition was released on November 24, Those people make their way into town, where some of them are clearly unwanted by the locals. One of the neat things about the gals is that they do have a certain steadiness about them if they can be forstdhen to forget the drama for a forsfchen and get a grip. Young men will be at a premium for hard physical labor and security. Many thanks if you reply.