Fidelio. Opera in two acts, by L. van Beethoven. [Libretto by Joseph von Sonnleithner]. URL to cite or link to: Original German libretto by Joseph Ferdinand Sonnleithner–New Grove. Book/ Printed Material Fidelio (). Libretto. Libretto. English Leonore / Constancy. Title: Fidelio (). Libretto. English & German; Other Title: Leonore; Alternate Title: Leonore; Contributor Names: Beethoven, Ludwig van —

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The Governor never comes at this time of day. Bist du ein Mann? He has a vision of an angel with Leonore’s face, leading him from his life of suffering. Do you think I could not see into your heart?

Florestan is alone in his cell, deep inside the dungeons. Enter Leonora, as Fidelio.

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The windows have iron gratings, and the doors, which are numbered, strong bolts. He sets out to-morrow to surprise you. By using this site, you ,ibretto to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The governor shall today permit That you share all my work with me.

Help the poor ones! I’m living in a desert. Marzelline kommt aus dem Hause, Jaquino ihr nach. Does this mean that my end has come? Der Schmied hatte an den Ketten so lange auszubessern. Retrieved from ” https: But first he should know”. Diese Schrift kenne ich. Send someone to Seville as soon as possible and ask for Leonora Florestan, tell her that I am imprisoned here. No, this librwtto too far!


How dark it is hereas he lies shackled in his underground cell. Du bist ein kluger Junge! Eine Uebereinstimmung mit einem solchen hergelaufenen Jungen, der, Gott weiss woher kommt; den der Vater aus blossem Mitleid am Thore dort aufgenommen hat, der—der—.

Its initial failure, owed in part to the French occupation of Vienna at the time, led to an immediate revision, with the version finding greater continuing favour. Mit kaltem Blut Will ich hinab mich wagen: Die andern murmeln fidwlio Pardon me the reproach, but I often see you return quite out of breath from the subterranean vaults of the castle.

On orders, Rocco has been giving the imprisoned Florestan diminishing rations until he is nearly starved to death. Be on your guard, and endeavor to keep yourself right. The Duet is sung in an undertone.

Fidelio | Grove Music

BOTH Oh what boundless happiness! The first night of Fidelio at the Semperoper in Dresden on 7 October on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the DDR East Lkbretto coincided with violent demonstrations at the city’s main train station. Sie will Florestan unter den Gefangenen suchen und befreien. Du arbeitest dich ja zu Tode, liebe Vater.


Ich tu es, glaube mir, nicht gerne; Auch dir ist schaurig, wie mich deucht? His prey you shall not be! What have you planned in cruel fury? He then orders Rocco to kill Florestan, but Rocco refuses.

Beethoven’s Opera Fidelio. German Text, with an English Translation – Online Library of Liberty

Nur hier, nur hier ist Leben. Meanwhile the good minister Fernando arrives, saves Florestan, chastises Pizzaro and frees the prisoners who, in a splendid finale scene, sing a joyful hymn with the people.

Both take your bands, united be In sweet tears of joy.