Official website of Claudia Gray, New York Times Bestselling Author of YA novels , including BALTHAZAR, FATEFUL, the EVERNIGHT series. Evernight (Evernight, Book 1) (English Edition) di [Gray, Claudia . Soon Bianca discovers she could never fit in with the Evernight students – they’re just too. Stargazer (Evernight, Book 2) (English Edition) di [Gray, Claudia The second novel in the internationally bestselling EVERNIGHT series – a vampire romance .

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Stargazer (Evernight, Book 2) (English Edition) eBook: Claudia Gray: : Kindle Store

He should know how afraid I am and be here to protect me! This book was very interesting to see the two different worlds collide in the most epic love story between a vampire and human which the roles have switched and how that going to work with everything else and how will old enemy take place in their new lives.

See all 6 questions about Evernight…. So, six months later and stuck in bed with a sore ass, I evernightt to give Evernight a shot. Bianca is none too happy when her parents become teachers at Evernight and enroll her in the spooky school.

Evernight (Evernight, Book 1) (English Edition) eBook: Claudia Gray: : Kindle Store

Vic takes him under his wing and they seem to become really good friends. Hourglass was a little steamier then everinght previous two novels as well! He wore his brown hair in a bowl haircut and had an open, guileless face. What’s the Name o Authors, don’t do this – it’s really annoying and crappy.

Well, maybe I should have because we all know from the first book, Evernight, that Gray is capable of delivering plot twists that make your head spin. He finally grew a backbone somewhere in there. And I must admit, it did get a little better. In return the vampires think the same about them. And Lucas what the fuck, if he really loved Bianca why would he not lower his pride and call Biancas parents for help when cladia needed because obviously he didn’t know what the fuck was going on with her.


And, the state of Bianca at the end of evernignt book, though predictable, was beyond irritating!! I’ve known this book existed for a very long time but never actually had the urge to read it.

When a twist of fate not only transforms Bianca into a wraith but also turns Lucas into a vampire–the very creature he spent his life hunting–they are left reeling.

I love Gray’s writing style, I love her characters and the story is unique and exciting. So don’t even bother to read this review unless you like teen vampire novels. Biance tells her that she will never choose to be a vampire.

He gives Bianca and Lucas the keys to his house while he is in Tuscany with his parents rgay Ranulf. The ending of Hourglass was awesome, but it left the characters in such a predicament that I’m wanting to beat down the author’s door and demand the manuscript for the fourth book. She feels like the only one who doesn’t belong there and the only one who doesn’t have a choice to be there or not.

Hai bisogno di aiuto? Crave The Clann, Book 1. To be honest, I thought Bianca fell in love with Lucas a little too fast without really getting to know him or question some of his actions, but I think where the novel’s direction goes past that point makes up for it.

Copertina flessibile Acquisto verificato. And can Lucas and Bianca really be together when all the secrets are revealed?

If girls are learning from these kind of books then they’re receiving terrible messages about what a “protective” boyfriend is and how you should treat everyone you know once you get one.

Inoltre ho un strano presentimento su un particolare personaggio, Balthazar Personally, that would have been a major red flag for me. Although I wasn’t happy with all of the actions the characters took, I still like Lucas and Bianca and I am interested to see where the story heads next. AH no, no, no Is that finally clear?

All I can say for sure is that it was very sad and you will be sad. Basically, Bianca and Lucas are the most idiotic and annoying couple I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading about. I loved the concept that Evernight Academy was established to help teen vampires keep up with the technological advancements of society. My only dissappointment was the absence of Patrice, Bianca’s roommate from the year before.


I wanted to read the book becaus I love to be taken by surprise. Book 1 English Edition. Lists with This Book.

Segui l’autore

What is their major plan also involving Bianca because Massie said she is the purest wraith and can help with a major plan that they evernlght.

All I could really think was, ‘But Ms Gray, you were doing so well! Now on opposite sides of the war, will these two star-crossed lovers reunite, or will duty tear them—and the galaxy—apart? It really annoyed me because it was clearly just thrown in there because it was convenient. She helps them escape and is in a relationship with Raquel.

For every boring moment in the first half, the second half offered an ebernight setup, quick pacing, and really, really great discoveries.

When she and Lucas finally find some time alone to clear up a misunderstanding that led him to believe Bianca IS part of the “in crowd”- a crowd that Lucas disdains as well- the book finally starts moving. Oh how I hate them and this is my opinion of why.

Claudia Gray

And about three quarters of the way in, I efernight that in fact, nothing particularly big and exciting was going to happen. Is it just me, or does that annoy anyone else seven ways to Sunday?

Some of the most obvious questions could’ve been asked before the point of the next big reveal regarding Lucas’s identity, but it made sense once the facts were pieced together.