New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery returns to Blackberry Island with the poignant tale of two sisters on the verge of claiming their dreams. Evening Stars (A Blackberry Island Novel) [Susan Mallery] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author Susan. Two sisters are taking stock of their lives amid emotional insecurity when an unexpected treasure gives them the chance to have everything.

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She has sacrificed her personal happiness for that of her family.

You would think that Nina would step back, ask or re-evaluate what was going on? It was well written and a little engaging. And mom is there, avoiding anything she doesn’t want to deal with, leaving it all up to Nina to take care of. Something was missing from this book. Never putting herself first.


Worse, he’d said she was the reason he’d ended the relationship. Mar 21, Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m so surprised by how much I didn’t enjoy this book. The engine turned over, but wouldn’t catch.

Nina has some things to work through — including two hot men. For more of my reviews, visit my website at www.

Does love heal or will finding their happy ending mean giving up all they’ve ever wanted? Just enough, but she would have to order more. The older sister always looking out for the younger sister and her mother too; since the mother was more like a friend than a mother.

The characters weave their way into your system and you want to see star bloom. For that, there seems to have been eveninf strained relationship between her, her mother and her sister Averil. Nina unexpectedly finds herself juggling two men—her high school sweetheart and a younger, maverick pilot who also wants to claim her heart. These women needed to realize what they needed from life and this story is their coming of age even though they are already adults.


She’d moved here a year ago, opened her practice in September and had been thriving ever since. She seemed so put upon but once I realized why she was like that I could eening her life. Because while Mike would come get her and give her a lift home, he malelry psychic. Bonnie Susab had given birth to her oldest at sixteen. As a child, Nina was thrust into the parental role for both Averil and Bonnie and years later, nothing has changed in that respect.

At this rate, she would be home before she picked up reception. Nina Wentworth is a small town nurse who also has a life time job of being the responsible one. No matter how many times Bonnie promised to do better, she never did. But he’d never bothered with her again.

There isn’t much in the way of conversation, and what there is seems to be mostly centered around his flying.

Review: Evening Stars by Susan Mallery | Always With a Book

Dylan is friendly, and once they get past dealing with their history together, their old friendships resurfaces. I understand she was confused, but instead of asking herself internally what was happening, why didn’t she ask Dylan? Reading the dynamics of this family it was easy to compare my own svening here and there.

Averil doesn’t seem to want the great guy she’s married to, and doesn’t seem to be making headway writing her first book; their mom is living life just as recklessly as she always has; and Nina’s starting to realize that the rvening she once had is slipping out of her fingers. I’m sorry, but what kind of a mother are you? While at some point I will want to reread the first two, I doubt that I will come I had been eagerly anticipating this book, but have to say I just couldn’t find the emotional connection that I need with the characters for a book to really stand out.


Sixteen prolific years and seventy-four books later, she hit the New York Times bestsellers list for the first time with Accidentally Yours in The candlesticks were silver and actually worth something. Nina hung up and hurried to her car. But then Nina would feel guilty, like she did now.

But since I bought it, I finished it. Nina unexpectedly finds herself juggling two men–her high school sweetheart and a younger maverick pilot who also wants to claim her heart. As the rain continues, Nina must get on the roof to cover a leak with a tarp Bonnie ignored the leak and took off on an antiques buying trip with her lover Bertie.

A novel about familial relationships with a little romance on the side. Now a thirty-year-old nurse in a pediatrician’s office, Nina only begins to wonder how she’s “lost her way” after both her high school sweetheart and the younger boy who once had a major crush on her return to Blackberry Island.

I loved how they were able to focus on how they needed to change in order to heal themselves. But suean is a great story that makes you sad, happy, smile and heartbroken.