Title: The Art of Thinking Author: Ernest Dimnet * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted. Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he.

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On the other hand, read the directions issued by the York Board of Education concerning the teaching of elementary Latin.

The Art of Thinking by Ernest Dimnet

To be sure, athleticism is partly an art. Many people act in daily life a character not their own, and the working of their minds is hopelessly vitiated by the constant effort. It is evident that a person whose mind is filled with the images of petty pleasure, comfort, good food, good clothes, dancing, traveling, amusing company, in short, material well-being, is farther away from what we call thought than the person whose imagination will be engrossed by beautiful scenes—Italian scenery, for instance—with noble fabrics, the quaintness or the appeal of antiquity, churches, and museums full of the realisation of beauty, and the recollections of great artistic lives everywhere.

The book has been misquoted, scores of times, as French Grammar Made Easy.

Horace Mann and Channing have produced in the United States a vast progeny of men convinced that they can only raise the democracy of their country up to real consciousness by education.

Put thoughts in writing.

Education in America is still largely an education for pioneers or the sons of pioneers. Enter phantasms as bad as phantoms. The passion of the French for ideas makes them imagine that when an idea has been expressed, its own virtue will be sufficient off get it realized. Americanization, the transforming of foreign dissimilarity into American conformity, is not ghinking, as Americanizing centres imagine, by the substitution of a new set of ideas for another The thing is done more simply.

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Well, read the philosophers, and tell me if you are much excited, much enlightened, or much impelled to thought by being told that when you see a billiard ball send another rolling, your intellect registers that nothing happens without a cause or without sufficient reason. Literature is not so clever. Not one of the possibilities which had seemed so urgent a week before was as much as alluded to.

The Art of Thinking : Ernest Dimnet :

We all treasure the recollection of such moments, and we never become quite so ossified by what is called life and its hardening influence as not to wish for their return.

Keep in mind that his goal is to teach you to think: It provides the most useful tips and advice on how to improve one’s mind, improve concentration and thinking better, and even answers some off and all-important questions such as “how do I be myself” erneat “how do I find myself.

Most dimnft this questioning is superfluous. This title evidently suggests a book for hectic people in quest of a method to compress forty-eight hours into twenty-four. He goes to games and quickly learns to yell. Thousands fortunately took it as a novelty and ov enthusiastic in consequence.

These trains are invariably produced by some image in whose wake they follow. Let anybody try the experiment of crossing the ocean on one of the quieter boats without making anybody’s acquaintance.

Ernest Dimnet

The more dimnrt almost invariably think: This is a subway read. This article about a French writer or poet is a stub. Perhaps one human being in a thousand is absolutely impervious to the charm of dimmet Over against the calmness, security and concentration of the life of a Spinoza, set the existence of most of the people we know. So the combination of the natural instincts of man for imitation with the antipathy of the multitude against distinction, almost inevitably grinds wrt out to leave only the human gramophone.


Sometimes he is a very simple man, the roadside mechanic slowly walking out of his garage. Even the sacrosanct thing called common sense is not enough to intimidate him into conformity. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Nobody denies that thought, like oratory, gains by being drunk at the spring. View all 4 comments. The Romanticists were proud of this sensitiveness and tire us by too frequent allusions to it, but it exists all the same, even in apparently robust intellects.

When people form an association eenest protect common interests or foster common tastes, they must be expected to develop and encourage similarities. I’ll finish this trashy, amusing book I began last night, but immediately after I shall start on Titus Andronicus. The reason is because seeing the truth—whose other name is salvation—and realizing that other people will not see it, they treat them as grown-ups must treat children.

If you have looked at it for only erneet seconds, you will never forget the eyes, clear, hard, harsh, cold and sharp as steel.

The man who has no reason to doubt that he is normal, but is conscious, like every one of us, of those obsessions now currently called inferiority complexes and wants to get rid of them, turns away in disgust from literature filled with hospital experience. Here is no attitudinizing; gregariousness in all its degrees makes individual thinking, tginking.

What is it that characterises the thinker?