Before her death on October 16, , Nwapa said in an interview that she used Efuru to explore how women are treated in the society. Having. Appearing in , Efuru was the first internationally published book, in English, by a Nigerian woman. Flora Nwapa () sets her story in a small village . Efuru explores Nigerian village life and values, a world where spirits are a part of everyday life – as accepted, respected, and feared as one’s own relatives. Efuru.

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Very early the book delivers an awakening slap to the reader in the way the story and main character embrace female circumcision. Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue Memorial Libraries. Jun 01, Aaron rated it really liked it. She introduces another woman to the doctor to be treated of her chronic foot disease. She was happy, she was wealthy.

This is why he asks her to give a thought to his proposal before she gives him an answer. Womanist Prosewhere she insisted that feminism is a global thing, meaning one can’t care about women from only a certain race.

On hearing that Efuru has eloped to live with her lover, her father sends some young men to go and bring her back. There I give Efuru five stars for it being meaningful to me on a personal level. Efuru by Flora Nwapa. The book is rich in portrayals of the Igbo culture and of different scenarios which have led to its current status as a feminist and cultural work. Although she does not have formal education, she is just as intelligent as many educated folks. In those days when I grew up as a little boy, I often heard that in some cultures in India women go out to marry men.


She gave women beauty and wealth but she had no child. Meanwhile, Efuru tells her husband that she wants to trade rather than farming and the young man acquiesces to her decision. Chapter Four Adizua is no now avoiding his wife like a plague even as he keeps late nights.

Efuru and her husband make a happy couple to the admiration and gossip of everybody in the village. Flora Nwapa died on 16 October in Enugu, Nigeria.

Everything about Flora Nwapa screamed ‘feminist’, everything but her own words

Independent, wise, resourceful Efuru is a delight. Themes Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. This shows how women are subjugated in typical African societies where men dominate.

Having studied abroad and served in government and educational sector in Nigeria at different times and towns, there is no doubt that Nwapa had mingled enough with the society to perceive the way women are treated.

In other words, the success or failure of any marriage is often measured by the number of children, especially male children such marriage is blessed with.

What’s the definition of a ‘good woman’? Let us not be afraid to say that we are feminists…. This is not because of a difference in quality; they are both great books and in my opinion Efuru is marginally better. Jun 14, Ricki Nordmeyer rated it liked it.

Efuru’s Ablities in Business. Efuru buries the child without her husband at the funeral. Aug 04, Eliana Nzualo rated it really liked it Shelves: Although she comes from a noble family, she ndapa a humble life and fflora complements her beauty. Sep 17, Madolyn Chukwu rated it it was amazing.

In many traditional African societies where traditional religion is practised, a native doctor is usually the answer to all problems confronting anyone in such society.

Flora Nwapa and the African woman’s struggle to identify as feminist

Again, the vital role of nwapz native doctor in a typical African traditional society is reverberated in this chapter. Just try to read her works and juxtapose them with how Achebe projects women in his novels Topics African feminism books fiction ffuru politics Nigeria Nzinga woman patriarchy publishing. She is unlike El Hadji, in Sembene’s Xalawho lives by the hands of those he swindles.


Well, it is better told than experienced. Then have them write an essay comparing their religion to the goddess worship of Uhamiri in the efuruu. It is indisputable that Ajanupu has received help and consolation from Efuru several times and it is now her turn to pay her back, and she does.

She is the daughter of Nwashike Ogene, a hero and leader of his tribe.

Efuru – Flora Nwapa – Google Books

Efuru’s eventual tragedy is that she is not able to efury or raise children successfully. I know I am capable of suffering for greater things. Arguably, Nwosu does not deserve another loan. She nwqpa in eloping with her first husband, but her conscience won’t permit her not to go back and apologize to her father who eagerly takes her back and forgives her. Sadly, the lake goddess in unable to grant Efuru her one desire, children, causing her to wonder, “why then did women worship her” Nwapa ?

He is in love with Efuru having overcome his apathy sfuru women following his first relationship which ended in failure. It introduced me a bit more to Nigerian culture and traditions. Gilbert has had a son before they married.