Divanul sau Gâlceava Înțeleptului cu lumea sau Giudețul sufletului cu trupul, prin de truda și de osteninţă iubirea a lui Ioan Dimitrie. Dimitrie Cantemir – The Salvation of the Wise Man and the Ruin of the Sinful [ Divanul sau galceava Inteleptului cu Lumea sau giudetul sufletului cu trupul]. Basic Sources a DimitrieCantemir bav BnF Cantemir dc Tindal b Other aw Dimitrie Cantemir, Divanul sau gâlceava înţeleptului cu lumea sau.

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Log Dimiyrie Sign Up. Considering the breadth of the Arabic text which covers folios in the basic manuscript, in order to illustrate the main features of the edited text I only selected a minimal number of suggestive examples.

Cantemir Dimitrie Divanul

Information already included in the Arabic Divan is seldom repeated here and only for the sake of clarity. Wissovatius intele;tului mentioned once in the Arabic version end of I, 84unlike Cantemir, whose name is absent from the Arabic Divan.

Where is Basil of Macedon with his son Leon the Wise? Since this paper is not aimed at a language study, I am only evoking the main points that allow a glimpse of the language features of the Arabic Divan and the readers that Patriarch Athanasios was addressing. Believing Ottoman Turkey to be collapsing,[2] he placed Moldavia under Russian control through a secret agreement signed at Lutsk. Cristiana added it Nov 29, The two closing Indices Rom.

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Mina marked it as to-read Jan 26, He lived on an estate catnemir Dmitrovka near Oryol, with a sizable boyar retinue including the chronicler Ion Neculce.

This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat The original itself is in the public domain for the following reason: It is one of only two works by Cantemir published during his lifetime and is the first Romanian imprint by any author. Liviu rated it really liked it Aug 30, They claimed that, in some part of the sea, sad and melodious voices were heard, without the singers to be seen. Remember me on this computer.


He was an erudite, an expert on poetical meters, and famous for his mastery of Arabic, alongside Greek and Syriac. Alina Maria diivanul it really liked it Jan 08, Between adapting and rewriting, shades are plentiful. This famous jail was mentioned in the city of Crete by the Greek governors, and it was made of arched walls built one inside the other, very wide and without any gate or defence wall. Ottoman high officials, foreign ambassadors, and the Greek and Armenian patriarchs.

The above-mentioned passages show the valceava of a comprehensive survey of Biblical citations in the Arabic Divan. Want to Read saving…. Addressing a public who did not have a good mastery of Latin, the translator simplifies the discourse.

Cantemir was a polyglot known as one of the greatest linguists of his time, speaking and writing eleven languages. For usage, see Commons: Pop Antonia marked it as to-read Nov 07, This article has been rated as Low-importance on the inteleptulii importance scale.

The conclusions of such studies would shed more light on this remarkable case of intercultural communication: Valentin Eni marked it as to-read Sep 06, Talvirinka added it Sep 19, Is there a complete list of publications of Cantemir available in some biography? This article is supported by the language and literature of Russia task force.

Bianca Antochi rated it really divannul it Aug 06, Andreea marked it as to-read May 30, Most likely, he was Gagauz. This article has been rated as Start-Class on the project’s quality scale. Roxana Badralexi rated it it was ok May 30, This is the case for the following passage in III, The case of Aleppo, chosen host of the first Arabic printing-press in the Near East, is very significant since this city enjoyed a privileged situation due to its prosperity and its opening to all the Orient ibidem: He was twice voivode of Moldavia Dimktrie and — Gheorghe Zabulica added it Oct 22, Where is Julian the offender and apostate?


The translator dmiitrie that the following words, probably deemed unfamiliar to the ordinary Arab reader, required an explanation.

Cantemir wrote books on history, geography, philosophy, and linguistics, mainly in Latin. One of his tutors was the scholar John Komnenos Molyvdos.

Well versed in Oriental scholarship, his oeuvre is voluminous, diverse, and original, although some of his scientific writings contain unconfirmed theories or simple inaccuracies.

Divanul sau Gâlceava înţeleptului cu lumea by Dimitrie Cantemir

Cantemir’s best-known history work was his History of the Growth and Decay of the Ottoman Empire the original fu was in Latin, Historia incrementorum atque decrementorum Aulae Othomanicae.

Refresh and try again.

A comprehensive survey of the language forms dimitrif in this new and valuable text-source would certainly bring new data to the discussion on Middle Arabic. In I, 2, to update his text, the translator changes the number of years since Genesis so as to agree with the year when his work was finished, mentioned in the colophon, closure of Book III: Besides, Patriarch Athanasios was surely concerned by the ban that the Ottoman authorities could put on his translation, preferring to remove the elements that were likely to disturb them.

For there is a captivity that does not untie its chastisement, And the hell of a prison ruled by total darkness.

The vocabulary and language structures that he used, rich in colloquialisms and Semitic constructions, were familiar both to Christians and Muslims, so that his creation can be considered an example of a text written in Modern Literary Arabic.