SIGMA® Primary Knee System Balanced Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction 2 DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction SIGMA® Primary Knee System Balanced Surgical Technique PFC Chamfer Guides Size Product, DePuy P.F.C. Sigma Knee System, Non-Porous Cruciate Retaining Femoral Component, 73 mm M/L 69 mm A/P, 5 left, sterile, DePuy Orthopaedics, . Functional outcome of PFC Sigma fixed and rotating-platform total knee . system (PFC Sigma or PFC Sigma RP, DePuy, Warsaw, Indiana).

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Wear-simulation analysis of rotating-platform mobile-bearing knees. They allow a more natural tibial rotation during flexion than fixed-bearing implants. Correlation of maximum flexion with clinical outcome after total knee replacement in Asian patients.

For the subsequent patients a further randomisation schedule, de;uy and stratified for treatment only, was produced by a biostatistician at DePuy International Ltd. The patella was not resurfaced. The functional outcome was evaluated by an independent physiotherapist or specialist nurse practitioner who was depug blinded to the knee implanted, using range of motion, Oxford knee score range 12—60 [ 18 ] and Knee Society KSS knee and function subscores range 0— [ 19 ].

Only three of these are depuuy controlled trials [ 15 — 17 ]. Indus HiFlex Knee Manufacturer: Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Two different randomisation schedules were used as the first 32 patients also took part in the Knee Arthroplasty Trial KAT [ 20 ]. The theoretical advantages of a mobile bearing design are attractive, but there has been no convincing evidence that these theoretical advantages translate into a benefit for the patient and deliver a sigm outcome in the short or long terms.

Jacobs W, Anderson P, Limbeek J, Wymenga A Mobile bearing vs fixed bearing prostheses for total knee arthroplasty for post-operative functional status in patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Results One hundred twenty patients were recruited for this study.

However, in the fixed-bearing group metal-backed as well as all-polyethylene tibial components were siyma.


Journal List Int Orthop v. The Knee Society total knee arthroplasty roentgenographic evaluation and scoring system.

Statistical analysis Statistical analysis was performed with the use of SAS software v9. Please refer to the other divisions of this site for specific procedures.

All implants were posterior stabilised, cemented and the patella was resurfaced in all cases. This difference in range of motion was seen as clinically significant by the two operating surgeons. All femoral and tibial components were cemented. It has recently been shown by Cheng et al. None of these studies showed a statistically significant difference between the mobile and fixed bearing, but the use of different types and designs of implants may have affected the clinical outcome as has previously been acknowledged by Biau et al.

Registration is quick and free. The operations were performed by or under direct supervision of the two orthopaedic surgeons. Highly polished cobalt chrome tibial tray provides smooth surface to minimize polyethylene wear 1 i2 locking mechanism with an interference fit for decreased micromotion 2 Features XLK polyethylene, a moderately cross-linked, oxidatively stable material.

Twenty-year evaluation of meniscal bearing and rotating platform knee replacements.

Depuy | PFC Sigma Knee System | Which Medical Device

We do not make your details available to any third parties nor do we send unsolicited emails to our members. Their designs provide articulation at both the upper and lower surfaces of the bearing, improving congruency and thus leading to a reduction of polyethylene contact stresses.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis and patients undergoing revision arthroplasty, requiring tibial component augmentation or a constrained prosthesis were excluded from the study. There was also a statistically significant difference in preoperative scores between the groups, but no difference in postoperative scores. Introduction Mobile bearings in total knee arthroplasty have been developed with the aim to better reproduce the complex function and kinematics of the knee joint [ 1 ].

Three-compartment knee prosthesis / revision / fixed-bearing – P.F.C.® SIGMA® TC3™ – Depuy Synthes

Many different designs for mobile bearings sibma, based on a glide or rotating mechanism with uni- or multidirectional motion. The prostheses were found to be well fixed and without evidence of loosening in both cases. Two-year follow-up on joint stability and muscular function comparing rotating versus fixed bearing TKR.


Ten patients five in each group had a persisting fixed flexion deformity with a mean of 6. Mean flexion did not increase in either group, but mean extension improved significantly in both groups.

These findings were reiterated in a meta-analysis by Oh et al. Allows for either rotating platform or fixed bearing tibial constructs Only company to provide rotating platform in the revision constraint varus valgus constraint level.

In the titanium tibial base plate was changed to a highly polished vepuy chrome version. If you would like to report a potential cybersecurity vulnerability in any of our products, please refer to our Responsible Disclosure Reporting website.

Total Knee Arthroplasty TKA and Unicompartmental Knee Replacement are intended to provide increased patient mobility and reduce pain by replacing the damaged knee joint articulation in patients where there is evidence of depuh sound bone to seat and support the components.

Three patients had to be excluded from analysis. All medical devices have associated risks.

Overview of published studies comparing fixed-bearing and rotating-platform PFC Sigma knee replacement systems. P -values of less than 0. Range of motion was measured using a goniometer with the patient in the supine position.

Additionally surgeons are able to address bone and soft tissue defects with a variety of products including augments, wedges, stems, and deupy sleeves. The content on this page is intended for Healthcare Professionals. Click here to visit http: Sjgma study population, however, was derived from an Asian population with a comparably low mean height and weight. Weight-bearing radiographs, anterior-posterior and lateral of the knee, were taken immediately postoperatively and at the follow-up assessment.