Launch files and programs from your code using Delphi. ShellExecute(Handle, ‘open’,”,nil,nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL);. If that option is disabled (the default setting), ShellExecute uses an open Explorer window rather than launch a new one. If no Explorer window. The open verb is a good example, as it is commonly supported. When you use ShellExecute or ShellExecuteEx to open file.

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If this file is not an executable file, its associated application is launched.

ShellExecuteA function

If that program accepts one or more parameters, you can enter these in the second edit-box. Note the added extra touch: It should work on any file type too, based on what’s mapped in the registry for the file extension eg.

I have collected some of ways which are very useful for Delphi developers.

In that case, COM should be initialized as shown here:. How to open my browser with a local HTML page? That process handle can be obtained by using one of two Win32 API-functions to start the external program: In this blog I will describe how to read and write data from shellexecut to an Excel file.

delphi – How to open windows explorer when I click a button? – Stack Overflow

For just running an external application, or opening a registered file, opening a folder, printing a file, and so on ShellExecute Handle, ‘open’, PChar ‘c: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


To make it easier to see what is happening, we made the window of the demo stay on top of all other windows.

As some time we need to update clients about their account details, status or any other information through mail. Be careful of the Application assumption; if there’s no window e. Because this is a file system folder, the shelllexecute name is a fully qualified path, which is what is needed for ShellExecuteEx. If shellexecut is not a document file, the function fails.

There are also several other members or parameters that can be used to fine-tune the behavior of the two functions.

Using Shell Execute in Delphi

For instance, your application might want to launch another application that allows the user to modify a data file. Delphhi I print documents from within my program, without explicitly starting the application that created the document, such as: Each verb corresponds to the command that would be used to launch the application from a console window.

FileName, link URL to open and modify. If not, the “open” verb is used. Return code Description 0 The operating system is out of memory or resources. ShellExecute Sends Email using o;en mail client software installed on user’s system.

Commonly available verbs include: What code will I need to achieve this? Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.


So Delphi provides so many easiest ways to send mail from our Delphi application.

But it will not work with attachment for every mail client. So here are the ways If a relative path is used for the lpDirectory parameter do not use a relative path for lpFile. To find which verbs are available, look in the registry under.

In many cases, you can simply set the lpVerb parameter to NULLwhich invokes the default command for the file type. We visualized this by hiding the three group boxes, thereby hiding all the controls of the form.

Post as a guest Name. If lpFile specifies a document file, the flag is simply passed to the associated application. If I have left something please feel free to add comments. This utility displays a dialog box that can be used to search files for a specified text string. For further discussion of shortcut menus and verbs, see Extending Shortcut Menus. Tobassum Munir 1 3 9. And when you click on one of the underlined labels, an HTML file will be loaded in your browser: ShellExecute Handle, ‘open’, PChar ‘c: