Hello! I am going to drop a bunch of lists from different armies on here, so hopefully you’ll find one you like looking at:) This is for my Death K. The Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Army List uses the datasheets from the Death. Hi All This was to have been a shopping list but a job lot came up on ebay so this is for real. Any thoughts would be welcome. Brigade HQ.

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Two Vanquisher shots are better than one, and if all else fails, you can fire this as a slightly less potent version of the twin battle cannon that the Macharius Heavy Tank has, making this a more versatile choice. This is a go-to on both Lightnings and Thunderbolts. No Blast Marker is generated for its parent Hades Breach Drill leaving the formation behind during the game. Use Orders, buff units that need it most, prioritise targets. An Imperial Guard army may include one Commissar character per points, or part thereof, in the army.

If you wanted to, you could form one of the greatest human-wave armies in the game, krieh to a rule that gives them balls of steel lisr the advance. Or love trenches, attrition warfare, and everything that the Western Front had to offer.

[] – Death Korps of Krieg – pt starter army – Forum – DakkaDakka

If you’re thinking of getting in close and can spare the points, a giant tank that’s more painful to fight in melee than arky bloodthirster versus most targets can be a lot of fun and it’s even more dangerous in conjunction with the Crush Them! Quite powerful when you have an easy time making Brigades and other armies SM bring Vanguard.

Carrying half a dozen lascannons and a nice, fat troop bay for 12 models even keeping Grav-Chutes! Good for Scions, since it protects against both ranged and melee. It should be staying in the back or moving up with your infantry providing them with some light special weapon support and a buff from the regimental banner.


Your named Character for the Death Korps, he comes with a hot-shot laspistol, powersword, and Momento Mori. Furthermore, there is no more rear AV10 to target anymore. With 15 hits on average, you’ll be mowing down entire GEQ squads with an average of Still find edath points to get the bolt version. Has slightly more restrictive payload options than the Lightning, though the only option you miss out on is anti-infantry missiles, so no-one cares.

Infantry Orders [ edit ] Re-roll Orders: The Dagger of Tu’Sakh: Each new Codex grants its faction new Stratagems. Sadly enough, I love DKoK for the fluff and the aesthetics.

That’s my input, hope it helps! See above, but with a horse. Can only be taken by Grenadier Squads and Vehicles. It’s gone way down in price 8 pointsso the choice is a choice off, but it’s still one of the weaker options. Xeath immediately move 2d6″, but cannot shoot or charge this turn.

Basically you get more effective firepower, but you need to invest more in a single model to get there. Alternatively, give shadowsword-senpai some minions!

Roll a D6 for each breach on the unit in the end phase of each turn. Consider this if facing big squads of MEQ Most of these are specific to one unit.

Tank Orders [ edit ] Gunners, Kill on Sight!: A bit different in 8E. The improved strength over Missile Launchers is critical, as most tanks are T8, meaning krak missiles wound on 4s while the Lascannon wounds on 3s. Given it has the same 24″ range and Rapid Fire profile as Boltguns and Lasguns, Plasma Guns are the default special weapon choice in most squads.

In addition, the codex added the Roving Gunship rule, which adds 1 to hit rolls if you’re in Hover mode.

Compared to an Astropath you get a compulsory force stave, one more known power, and more durability. There is very little you have to work with. Wargear [ edit ] Ranged Weapons [ edit ] Laspistol: That daemon is not. Ordered unit can shoot, even if it advanced in the movement phase. Inspired Tactics 1 CP: You should generally avoid this unless you’re looking for a budget choice, or you like the look of swords.


Second, and more importantly, with a flamer in each infantry squad, for your adversary is lot more risky to charge 20ish guys with two 2 flamers, or 30ish guys with 3 flamers. The models for either weapon choice are very nice, so you can’t lose there. Formerly one of the cheapest variants though still a list-buster at points before its weaponsthe Stormsword carries the Stormsword Siege Cannon, a massive gun that ignores cover and all but the strongest armor to boot.

What will handle flyers? As of the change he can now support an Armageddon Pattern Basilisk, but he still inexplicably cannot support the other Forge World variants, like Medusae vehicle or either Batteryor the Battery variants for Basilisks, or Wyverns that last meaning Heavy Quad Launcher Batteries. But enemy Kurov’s Aquilas do work, since they only need to be written in the enemy’s roster, not any “while this Warlord is on the battlefield” limitation. Because Guard has access to cheap platforms for weapons, it may be better to specialize your units.

Officio Prefectus Command Tanks cost CP and aren’t Character s unless you choose a Tank Commander but even then he has more than 10 wounds, so moot point anywayso they tend to last less despite being a damn tank. Once all of the shields have been knocked down, the Titan may be damaged normally and you may make saving throws against any hits that are scored.