Please Note: This product requires the Dungeons & Dragons® Player’s Handbook from Wizards of the Coast®. Want to play Deadlands but prefer the d This is the D20 version of the best-selling, award-winning Deadlands: the Weird West! DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! . West, or in a more generic “steam and sorcery” campaign, these rules work well. Deadlands Classic: 20th Anniversary Edition Core Rulebook – This is the It’s not uncommon to need five or six sets of dice from d4 to d

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Hey guys, my group is planning on starting up a deadlands game. Have you played any other non class games? Sometimes slow guys just get the drop on fast guys.

Deadlands d20 | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Sure, it kinda works, but it’s boring and not made for games like this. In fact the only thing that every character should have is the guts skill which dewdlands because everything is scary as hell in the weird west. Why are Classes bad for Deadlands? Any other set of the game’s rules is going to be way less obnoxious and detailed than d20’s.

I was looking through the site though and no one here gives d20 deadlands a good review. So, there’s a lot of bitter feelings in that regard.


D0 also uses a different core book.

Ruleook it your best shot and I’ll do my best to understand. The Devil’s Tower trilogy was particularly awesome. Sounds great, anyone know where I can find these? Funny how you got on here before Steven did, Phil. They’re fast, fitting and deliberate.

A huge pool of skills, spells, and edges to choose from mean that no two characters will probably be alike yes they’ll share some similarities. You cast hexes using poker draws and got number of actions based on a die roll based off of your speed and then a drew playing cards to determine when in the round you actually took those actions. It’s a setting that embraces genre staples, and it already divides characters by their various blessings, undeadenings, hoyles magicks or whathaveyou.

A good enough compromise, I think, though I’m not too familiar with it.

Why is D20 Deadlands terrible? [Archive] – Giant in the Playground Forums

Places like Troll And Toad or your friendly neighborhood game store might have old copies in stock too. I don’t think we know enough to suggest any but there are some out there.

I don’t think D20 Deadlands is terrible in and of itself. Honestly, I wouldn’t say that Deadlands is a game that gains anything by avoiding classes. There is some making things up for the GM[2].


I just wanted to find out why it’s so bad so I don’t get involved in something I won’t enjoy. It gives the world a much stronger and diffrent feel. Excluding the profession based edges which are more like prestige classes.

I brought it up to my DM and this is what he replied with: Sort of a square peg in a round hole situation. Deadlands rules are built in the theme of the Deadlands game.

And there’s tons of Deadlands systems, I’m just working to find the best one. But my group and I know them and enjoy the games using them. So you could draw a lot of cards, but still go later in the round or draw one card, go first and plug the guy.

Deadlands d20

Thus, Classic players often akin themselves to being the victims of some tabletop holocaust at the hands of the publishing companies. They are kind of a combination campaign or supplement and adventure paths.

I don’t know how to shrink the quote.