Dungeons & Dragons D&D 4th Edition Menzoberranzan City of Intrigue Hardcover D&D 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Encounters Council of Spiders 2. Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue (originally planned as the Menzoberranzan Campaign Setting) is a sourcebook and campaign setting. Menzoberranzan was possibly the most well known drow city in Faerûn. many of his early adventures dealt with the political intrigue and characters of the city.

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The little explored Northdark could lead to a lot of really fun adventures and I found this chapter to be a welcome addition which gamers will appreciate. IMC, the strict hierarchy in drow society made it easy to give them some common goals and enemies, thus keeping them from turning on intrigke another.

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That being said, I highly recommend the module. I don’t have the 2e boxed set, but I’ll start hunting for it, thanks!!

You can find new Free Android Games and apps. Make sure everyone has the same goals as players of the game, if not as characters. No, not Ed Greenwood announcing a series of novels that will reboot Forgotten Realms, nor the confirmation that the default campaign setting will indeed be Forgotten Realms although important in its own right.

I am aware that this is due to an internal shift of how WotC are going to approach DnD lore material and I am very happy about this. Thanks arjomanes, I actually have the pdf of City citg the Spider Queen, i’ll peruse it for ideas.

Roleplaying on the Darkside – Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue Reviewed | The Gaming Gang

Finally, Menzoberranzan cty all the Forgotten history of the Realms see what I did there? Reset Fields Log in. Tuesday, 27th January, The module is somewhat v&d for a particularly nasty trap right in the beginning. What about maps and particularly maps or pictures of drow architecture? Nor doesn’t it mean wanton destruction. Hopefully they get that.


Thanks for the feedback. A new edition release date is seen by many as a good day to aim to end a campaign at.

Six chapters make up the book and make no bones about it, the focus here is on running vity campaign in which drow are the central characters. So that statement kind of makes a difference. Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. Could it be your band of adventurers could rise to power through the creation of their own faction?

You are commenting using your WordPress. The house was on the outskirts, and was menzoberransan overtly evil, trending more towards chaotic neutral the matron was not a follower of Lloth.

Say they are a in a Neutral House of X, this way they can be used for any type of adventure. So while the house was of a lower rank, the PCs well, the wizard and the replacement PCs actually gained. Campaigns like this are great, but it requires the right players. And then it came.

Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue Review and Competition | Breakfast for Owlbears

It’s nice how it’s set up so that you can play it with either a menzoberranzah standard party of surface adventurers or a drow party evil or otherwise that is threatened by the actions of the villains in the module. Plenty of history about the city is included and loads of ideas come forth as to the different flavors of campaigns one could menzoberranzzan to concoct.

First off, the pricing seems a bit steep for the page count. Each house is given a bit of personality to differentiate it from other menzobsrranzan and rules are included to create new houses as well. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The fourth chapter tackles the City of Spiders more so in bullet style giving gamers enough info in order to get a feel for o district of the city as well as landmarks which would be familiar to residents of the Underdark mainly and citizens of Menzoberranzan in particular.


This book goes hand in hand with the Book of Vile Darkness. It came matter-of-factly, as if not really that important.

Roleplaying on the Darkside: ‘Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue’ Reviewed

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Their house was without a female heir, so it lowered in “rank”, but the wizard was “consort” to the matron and simply assumed control.

This sort of person spells campaign doom to me. Overall this is probably the least interesting section of the book for GMs as those with experience will discard much of the high level description of districts in order to create their own customized experiences for the players while those new to running an RPG will feel the lack of overall depth to the chapter leaves them with only straws to grasp at.

He was for a great deal of the campaign way too powerful to contemplate challenging, something which obviously also helped keep clty in line.