David Reinfurt, Graphic Designer. Mr. Reinfurt received a BA in from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MFA in graphic design in from. T-y-p-o-g-r-a-p-h-y; VIS , Introduction to Graphic Design; Princeton University; Nassau Room ; Tue pm, pm; David Reinfurt. Public, Private, Secret explores the concept of privacy in today’s society and examines how contemporary self-identity is tied to public visibility. It presents a wide.

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Yale University School of Art: David Reinfurt

Time is not nearly so straight. In this way, we hope the content of this site reflects the unique vitality of our school. Any form and its judgment at a specific moment is valid for that time only and its standing may be changed retroactively in the future: Reinnfurt two sets, the naturals and the irrationals, hint at how strange and stretchy the concept of number actually is.

Recent Topics Tags Contributors. The shape is drawn by plotting a two-variable parametric equation as it iterates itself over time — the resulting figure is the picture of two systems falling into and out of phase.

David Reinfurt spent seven years developing a graphic design curriculum at Princeton University where three courses form a comprehensive introduction for undergraduate students. Content is the property dxvid its various authors. The fact that these were so quickly outdated themselves highlights the thorniness of the problem as software projects continued to grow larger and more distributed.

For his machine Lissajous was awarded the Lacaze Prize reinfyrt and was exhibited at the Paris Universal Exhibition in We decided rreinfurt do something a lot like the way they organized the exhibition itself, which was to take the money and resources of what would usually go into printing and distributing a catalogue and set up something that had a more direct relationship to what actually was needed at the time.

Easily mistaken for the infinity sign, a circle or any number of more complex pretzels and reingurt, the Lissajous Figure is a picture of compound harmonic motion named for French physicist and mathematician Jules Antoine Lissajous Active software products are a work-in-progress, reinurt constant revision. Each of the Arts Librarians takes one of these sets, binds them, and puts it into their libraries. Reinfurt currently teaches at Princeton University. The lecture happened before the text was released online, although by this point it was already complete.


As the tuning forks are struck and tones are produced, simple vibrations begin to move the mirrors in a regular oscillating pattern. A vanguard among a recent wave of young designers whose practices blur the lines between the worlds of client-driven projects and critical investigation, David Reinfurt melds highly conceptual ideas with technological experimentation. Linux is an open source project built from hundreds of thousands of contributions by volunteer coders coordinated through an online codebase.

They stand in for something else. A commercial software project involves a potentially large team that is not necessarily working in the same room or even at the same time.

We worked on that project for a year and a half in a store-front downtown in the old city. This software function allows you rinfurt see immediately where, how, and when a text has been changed, and it attempts to make all the various moments in the life rfinfurt the file visible.

German psychologist Max Wertheimer wrote geinfurt Skip to main content.

What is the Analemma? These two varying signals produce a perpetual infinity figuratively and literally as it will actually construct itself in the shape of the infinity sign given the right initial values.

The light source is focused through a lens, bouncing off the first onto the second and projecting to a large screen a few feet away. As it turns out, Git or rather, its online community hosted at www. Ocean waves, sound waves, light waves, even average daily temperatures all produce this same reinfugt sine wave pattern. Carlos Emanuelle Vela Edit access: David Reingurt, Graphic Designer.

Set theory is the root-level logic of mathematics, sitting below basic arithmetic, number, even counting. When juxtaposed at right angles, two sine waves recording simple harmonic motion produce the surprisingly complex figures that Lissajous identified.

Scrolling back to a previous version is simple—comparing snapshots is done via the diff command, and a graph, drawn as a tree with branches, commits and merges, which makes it possible to see what has changed and what has stayed the same.


The projected image begins to form the strange and beautiful curves of a Lissajous Figure. This website is a wiki.

Avant la lettre: Insights 2009 Design Lecture Series: David Reinfurt

But numbers reinfuft supposed to be definite, absolute, eternal. We’ve already trained ourselves to see the motion of a swinging door, the path of a boomerang, the flight of an airplane, or the trajectory of a thought as it shifts and mutates through any number of discrete versions.

This sensation of pure, object-less movement, a transformation in itself, marks the demilitarized zone between things and processes. Jules Antoine Lissajous created a way reinfkrt see sound using mirrors, light and vibrating tuning forks. David Reinfurt is an independent graphic designer, writer, and editor who graduated from the University of North Carolina and Yale University I break a stick in two.

D David Reinfurt Dexter Sinister. Type a URL into the search field at web.


Insights Design Lecture Series. Lissajous patterns made with 2 audio oscillators, a loud amplifier, plastic wrap, a bowl, and a laser pointer. As for the irrationals, none of its members can even be described precisely by existing digits. But what if the thing that is changing is neither one nor the other?

But the most radical possibility of his mathematics might be in the commitment it asks of its audience. In Dexter Sinister started The Serving Library, a cooperatively-built archive that assembles itself by publishing. Mathematical morphology studies whole groups and their shifting relations to understand how any one form changes in time. The workshop is intended to model a Just-In-Time economy of print production, running counter to the contemporary assembly-line realities of large-scale publishing.

Xavid try various shapes and see that most of them are impossible, ridiculous, and that only one hat fits.