Authorized Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject and PMWeb Software Sales. • Experienced . Turn Asta “Flags” into Start. Constraints in P6. Hi to All, I am trying to export ASTA PP files to P3 using export option on Asta. But I am getting the error ” Invalid work Pattern position”. First you need to export your project from ASTA Power Project to a Microsoft Project XML-file. To do so please select “File” in the top left corner.

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User-defined fields Primavera P3 supports only user-defined fields on tasks and scheduled resource allocations both permanent and consumable. Currency units Primavera P3 does not support currency units in any way.

Asta Powerproject Primavera software Start milestone Start milestone Finish milestone Finish milestone No resource allocations, or all resource allocations use the calendar of the task Task dependent One or more allocations, using the calendar of the resource Resource dependent Hammock Level of Effort tasks In Asta Powerproject, resource allocations have a Calculated parameter field that defines what is calculated when duration, effort or allocation changes. Note that no additional constraint is applied to buffer tasks that have no incoming links as Microsoft Project does not support more than one constraint on a taskso unless there is a preceding task on the same bar, buffer tasks with no incoming links are moved to the project start date.

Resource cost rates are calculated differently in Microsoft Project. Each task’s name is derived from the Asta Powerproject bar and task names: You must find out how this setting is configured in Primavera software before exporting a project, so that you can specify the correct calendar during the export process. Here, the programme chart itself would not be exported, as it only contains other projects Here, the programme chart would be exported, as it is the project for chart C4 When you import an XER file into Primavera software, the Import Wizard reads the XER file and presents you with a list of projects.

Such allocations are exported as simple effort-based allocations.

Resource and cost allocation information from the Budgeted cost field in Primavera software is imported into the Budgeted cost field in Asta Powerproject. Ppwerproject Project supports only one assignment per resource to a task, which is insufficient to represent the multiple resource assignments that are allowed in Asta Powerproject.

Work breakdown structure If a project in which a work breakdown structure has been defined has been exported to Microsoft Project, the work breakdown structure is recreated if the file is imported back into Asta Powerproject. Deadlines in Microsoft Project are separate from constraint flags; in Asta Powerproject a deadline is a type of constraint cconvert.


Primavera P3 does not support resource or cost allocations on expanded tasks, so these are not exported and a warning is given. Resource costs In Primavera software, each resource may have up to five cost rates defined and each allocation of a resource may use any one – and only one – of these five cost rates.

If powerprojext has been reported against an allocation in Microsoft Project, the allocation value of the too assignment is increased during import to ensure that the task duration and the amount of work on the allocation do not alter.

Costs with a duration are marked as being uniformly accrued. Therefore, tasks that are currently in progress are exported with the resume date set to the progress date and with the actual start calculated as the resume date minus the actual duration. Links are added from the start of each hammock to the start of each of its tasks, and from the end of each hammock’s tasks to the end of the hammock.

Exporting code library entries as global rather than project-specific code library entries can cause sata if you export a number of projects that each contain code library entries with the same name.

A convett summary group, prior to export Post-export: I have gone through the help of ASTA ;owerproject unlucky to resolved it. All other user-defined fields are lost during the export process.

Transferring data between Asta Powerproject and Primavera software

As this is not supported by Asta Powerproject, a dummy expenses category called ‘Imported’ is created in the project and used for all costs in an imported project. Due to the limitations of powerprojet Primavera-compatible vonvert formats, some of the information from your Asta Powerproject projects may be lost if you export them into these formats.

When you export a project, all durations are rounded up or down to the nearest planning unit – ie Days or Hours, depending on the planning unit you select during the export. For such well-constructed summary groups, any links that start or finish at the start of summary tasks are amended upon export so that they start or finish at the start of the ‘start’ task within the summary group, and any links that start at the finish of summary tasks are amended so that they start at the ‘finish’ task within the summary group.

During the import process, the Use task calendar field is selected for any resource allocations on ‘Task’ or ‘Meeting’-type tasks; aside from this, the differentiation between ‘Task’, ‘Meeting’ and ‘Independent’-type activities is lost during import.


Knowledge Base

Primavera software has separate hierarchies of resources and skills also known as roles. In Primavera software, resources have an associated default currency. This means that if you add the user-defined fields to the spreadsheet in the imported file, the correct names are applied to the column headings.

In Primavera software, there is a Duration type field on each task that defines the calculation type for all of the task’s resource allocations. The way to avoid this is to structure summary groups well prior to export. The activity types in Primavera software are converted into Asta Powerproject code libraries, and the activity codes are converted into code library entries, which are given the default code library entry colour.

Overtime Overtime powefproject Microsoft Project increases the availability per day of an allocation and enables you to donvert the amount of work for a day. The error note indicates that you are using an invalid calendar or workpattern that is not used on P3.

The individual hierarchies underneath the work breakdown structure root item in an Asta Powerproject project are therefore exported, unless there is only a single project in the file, in which case the root WBS item is renamed to match that of the project. The Activity type of tasks in Primavera software is set as follows: Charts, summary groups and work breakdown structures Primavera software has a very similar work breakdown convsrt to Asta Donvert however, in Primavera software there is no distinction between charts and summary groups.

Microsoft Project supports positive and negative costs, but has no concept of income. A well-constructed summary group, prior to t. All overtime is converted into working time during export.

Microsoft Project supports only two types of exception: The export creates whatever units of measurement are required to support the consumable resources that are being exported and places them in the units of measurement table. Nokhez – if you want some local support, feel free to contact us at Solid Support 02 Have your logo here?

Overtime in Microsoft Project increases the availability per day of an allocation and enables you to adjust the amount of work for a day. Subcontractor” will be created against the task during export. piwerproject

Units of measurement Primavera software maintains a table of units of measurement.