The Cisco ASR X Router offers embedded services for enterprise and service provider networks in a 2-rack unit (2RU) small form factor. It is integrated with. ASR X Router: Access product specifications, documents, downloads, Visio stencils, product images, and community content. Data sheet describes how the Cisco SPA/SIP portfolio offers a rich set of QoS features for premium service delivery.

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Association with the IPsec security association is done through the tunnel protection command. This name is displayed in the console and used in by the gcloud command-line tool to reference the gateway. You may also ask: This step generates a forwarding rule named fr-espfr-udpfr-udp resp.

Selected vpn-scale-test0 for this guide.

Go to the Firewall rules page. All traffic routed to the tunnel interface will be encrypted and transmitted to the GCP. Many aftermarket retail sellers, however, still sell the device, whether used or new.

Create a custom VPC network. Set to group16 as recommended configuration on ASR router. Make sure each tunnel has a unique pair of IPs. The following is a high-level overview of the configuration process which will be covered:.

Region — The region where you want to locate the VPN gateway. The parallel processing capability eliminates the need for additional service blades inside the router, because all processing is performed on the FP.

Leave Local IP ranges blank except for the gateway’s subnet. This section provides the base network configuration of Cisco ASR to establish network connectivity.

Cisco ASR Series Aggregation Services Routers Overview

To enable a set of required features, one of the following three technology packages is required: This information is provided as an example only. The following is a high-level overview of the configuration process which will be covered: Use the static IP address vpn-static-ip you reserved earlier. If an entire virtual device fails, Cloud VPN automatically instantiates a new one with the same configuration, so you don’t need to build two Cloud VPN gateways.


Shared secret — Used in establishing encryption for that tunnel. Allowed protocols and ports: The default, and preferred, IKE version is 2. Create Cloud Router as shown below:. This value cannot be changed after the tunnel is created because it is used in the IKE handshake.

Cisco ASR 1000 ASR1000-RP1= Data Sheet

Make sure the prefix is present in the routing table of the ASR with a valid next-hop. Both of these Ethernet line cards have built-in SIP.

The configuration samples which follow will include numerous value substitutions provided for the purpose of example only. For details, see our Site Policies.

In this block, the following parameters are set:. The capabilities of the peer device. The GCP will announce the prefix corresponding to your Cloud. Click Create firewall rule.

Currently, two types of feature licenses are available. The Cisco ASR only sips power and takes up little rack space, thanks to the fact that the router has been designed in as a compact form factor device. To place an order, visit the Cisco Commerce Workspace. It can be configured with your choice of a 5-gigabyte per second or a gigabyte per second embedded services processor.

Populate the following fields: You must enter the same shared secret into both VPN gateways. Network capacity between the two VPN peers. Click Create to create the gateway and initiate all tunnels, though tunnels will not connect until you’ve completed the additional steps below. Be sure to use the inside interface on the ASR How many rack units RUs do you need? In this case it is vpn-scale-test-ciscoa custom VPC network. Note that lower the MED, higher the preference.


A sample interface configuration is provided below for reference:. BGP timers are adjusted to provide more rapid detection of outages. Make a note of the created address for use in future steps.

Request a Tutorial Ask for community help. They comprise the memory, hard disk, and USB flash memory token.

Cisco ASR 1002 Router Quick Start Guide

The upcoming section provide details to both in detail below:. Previous post Next post. With these recommended datasneet, TCP sessions quickly scale back to byte IP packets so the packets will “fit” in the tunnel. The ASR router run cef load balancing based on source and destination ip address hash, each VPN tunnels will be treated as an equal cost path by routing, it can support up to 16 equal cost paths load balancing. This comprison show you the models.

To get started with the Cisco ASR Series, refer to the detailed product part numbers and descriptions in the following tables: