John Dillery, Clio’s Other Sons: Berossus and Manetho, with an afterword on Demetrius. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, , Pp. Book review of Dillery (J.) Clio’s other sons: Berossus and Manetho, with an afterword on Demetrius. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. An Opportunity: Hellenization and World History. Something obviously very big happened in the history of the world in the Hellenistic period.

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Verbrugghe and Wickersham argue that the lack of relation between the material in History and the Hellenistic world was not relevant, since Diodorus’ equally bizarre book on Egyptian mythology was preserved. Sterling Historiography and Self-Definition: Green, Alexander to Actium: In my book I try to work out some of the implications of my view of Berossus and Manetho by looking at the ways people treat the issues of curating the past in pre- and post-colonial India.

Clio’s Other Sons

Greek, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian cultures, each constituting massive contributions to the achievement of organized human life on our planet, were brought into intimate interplay that, while by no means unprecedented, had not occurred on a similar scale before.

If some parallel exists between Genesis 1—2 and Enuma Elish that does not appear in Berossus, Gmirkin asserts that it was likely present in the longer original version of Babyloniacathus resorting to argumentum e silentio to make his case pp. Book 3 relates the history of Babylon from Nabonassaros to Antiochus I presumably. Other than human speech, there is no resemblance between beroxsus snake of Genesis and the half-fish-half-human monster of Berossus pp.

They were members of native bedossus under the domination of Macedonian overlords; in their writings we can see suggestions that they collaborated in the foreign rule of their lands, but at the same time we see them advocating for their cultures.

I started by thinking hard about why these non-Greek priests — Berossus the Babylonian and Manetho the Egyptian — would want to write a history of their native lands in a language not their own, using in some cases methods of treating the past that were not their own, but from elements that were. Today, we live in the age of information overload.

The Mesopotamian documents known as King-List A one copy from the 6th or 5th centuries BC and Chronicle 1 3 copies with one confidently dated to BC are usually suggested as the ones he used, due to the synchronicity between those and his History though there are some differences. Are there any parallels between Hellenisation and more recent processes of political and social construction influenced by one particular country or culture?


The ancient Beorssus and others know that writing history is about selection, anc esp.

Studies in Greek Historiography from the 4th to the 2nd Centuries Berpssus. What could be more exemplary of the process of Hellenization than such a text? According to him, all knowledge was revealed to humans by the sea monster Oannes after the Creation, and so Verbrugghe and Wickersham How do you think this affects what modern historians write about recent history?

What next for you? Their histories were written in Greek and betray active engagement with Greek historical writing, but at the same time these texts are clearly composed from native records, are organized along lines determined by local systems of time-reckoning, and articulate views that are deeply informed by regional scholarly berosdus wisdom traditions. For this reason most references are deleted from modern translations of his text Burstein, The Babyloniaca of Berossus, p.

That Hellenization means not, berossuus not just, the use of ancient Greek and Greek culture, but that the Greek language and the culture that produced it became things to think with in the ancient world more broadly.

Clio’s Other Sons

For antecedents of this argument, see P. But the mythic and archaic element was combined with the chronicles of rulers which can lay claim to being in some degree genuinely historical. Christian writers after Eusebius berosxus probably reliant on him, but include Pseudo-Justinus 3rd—5th centuryHesychius of Alexandria 5th centuryAgathias —Moses of Chorene 8th berrossusan unknown geographer mabetho unknown date, and the Suda Byzantine dictionary from the 10th century.

Both of these early Hellenistic native priests—who wrote now fragmentary histories of their respective homelands in Greek—have received a lot of scholarly attention brossus. Book 1 fragments are preserved in Eusebius and Syncellus above, and describe the Babylonian creation account and establishment of order, including the defeat of Thalatth Tiamat by Bel Marduk.

New methods, and old ones too, have challenged this view: Except where otherwise noted, this work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 3.

Please follow and like us: Each begins with a fantastic creation story, followed by a mythical ancestral period, and then finally accounts of recent kings who seem to be historical, with no demarcations in between.

Berossus – Wikipedia

The Pentateuch was written in the third century BCE circa — by the same Jewish scholars who translated the Hebrew text into Greek pp. Parallels with the Garden story are acknowledged p.


In some ways the influence of colonizing Britain and the English language is a similar case. GmirkinBerossus and Genesis, Manetho and Exodus: According to Vitruvius’s work de Architecturahe relocated eventually to the island of Kos off the coast of Asia Minor and established a school of astrology there [6] by the patronage of the king of Egypt.

Where do you start? Dillery is Professor of Classics, University of Virginia. It took me 16 years to write.

One does need to stress the great humanity of ancient Greek literature, but at the same time you need to show your students that ancient Greek culture is not our own — that its literature was produced was produced in very specific times and places. Jewish and Christian references to Berossus probably had a different source, either Alexander Polyhistor c. Josephus’ records of Berossus include some of the only extant narrative material, but he is probably dependent on Alexander Polyhistor, [ citation needed ] even if he did give the impression that he had direct access to Berossus.

An interview with John Dillery, author of Clio’s Other Sons: Berossus and Manetho

More recently, see the studies of D. Where is the interplay? Moyer, Egypt and the Limits of Hellenism Cambridgeesp. Rather, like the merman Oannes, the merman Triton can be associated with wisdom, such as when Triton offers advice and prophecy to Jason and the Argonauts Hdt. Elsewhere, he included a geographical description of Babylonia, similar to that found in Herodotus on Egyptand used Greek classifications. These wise words of ancient men are set up, utterances bberossus famous men, in holy Pytho, Whence Clearchus, berossjs copied them carefully, set them up, shining from afar, in the sanctuary of Cineas.

A separate work, Procreatiois attributed to him by the Latin commentaries on AratusCommentariorium in Aratum Reliquiaebut there is no proof of this connection. It is an immensely stimulating book that will foster much future research on Berossus and Manetho. Of greater interest to scholars is his historiography, using as it did both Greek and Mesopotamian methods.