The Bedini SSG is one types of magnetic motor generators based on zero point Keyword-Component: Bedini SSG circuit operation; Bifilar. Below is the circuit I have been using. This is the basic Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor. The only difference in my circuit is I am using a 2N I have been researching on Bedini circuits, mostly the simple one (SSG located here ). I worked out in many.

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Thanks for your info and pics.

Single coil Bedini motor charging 4 batteries w no current increase

Another way to explain the above circuit can be found here. A pulse from a magnet on the wheel triggers the transistor. I am not sure if someone else have done this too but I am sharing it with circui guys anyway. Absolutely no questions about the advanced groups will be read and answered without people first building, testing, and providing test data to the following email address: With a charge rate as you’ve indicated on a uF V capacitor, this indicates that charging a battery by means of a standard lead acid 12V battery charger circuit should be possible with the output.

Bdeini the reed switch last or have you had those go bad after a while? I try to measure it with sssg least two different methods until I can get the two to agree with one another. Szg such rights are reserved. Here you have the schematic to begin with: The battery would have less “bounce”. I would not get in the habit of taking the battery down to The coil is 25g air cored, while the transistor is tip41c and the recovery capacitor is uF 50V.


Commitment to the Policy: Results 1 to 10 of Piezo rochelle icrcuit crystal. As such, the learning process starts when one refrains from assuming a conventional energy transfer from the primary source batterydriving the motor, thereby pushing electron current into the charging bank. All times are GMT Do as many presentations as you wish to help in this project.

Bedini SSG Circuit

Overall, it’s a clever and simple circuit for charging lead acid batteries efficiently. In one of your schematics you show the bicycle wheel with magnets but in your setup you are not using a rotating wheel if I understand correctly?

Two 12 V, 12 A batteriesthey should be new onesthe best thing ask a man in the car shop, i think they new best, what you looking for is Lead acid battery not sealed battery you can use sealed battery too but it will take much more time and energy to git it running Transistor: Our first discovery of Over Unity may come unexpectedly.

Circuit is same as SSG one, http: About coil spool material Hello, Please teach me about coil spool material. Hello, Please teach me about coil spool material.

Bedini SSG – Science DIY

The wheel can power a fan a small pump, any other low torque device. By the way do you know other web site which bedink more detail step by step to make SSG motor?

Instructions Medium Resolution Video of the Presentation for high speed: If you want to do multiple setups that’s fine, just report each separately and we’ll log the data accordingly. A pulse of battery current thus is applied momentarily through the coil, whereupon the latter produces a magnetic field which is imposed upon the spinning magnet top in such manner as to accelerate the spin of the top.

Bedini Motors: Bedini `SSG´ Circuit

I will soon be attempting to build my first SSG, but to be honest, I feel quite queasy about the whole thing. First we must know that our machines are built right and then get a feel for how they work. I tried something similar a couple of years ago but my reed switch was on the outside of the coil and it kept latching and burning up. Inkscape DXF output for Lasercut. What’s it all about? There is a great temptation to use different parts because they are on hand, or to try and improve upon the system.


Find all posts by Zooty. I had forgotten about this message thread. Newer Post Older Post Home. A set of instructions is given below for three simple steps. Find all posts by geotron. Remove wire from spool.

Well this might be the basics one of the ‘new ways’. This sounds very plausible.

In the circuit shown above I simply added the diode at the point shown in red. How do we generate and use electricity in the near future? Multiply the volts times amps to get the watts. Ssg Hi kajironpu you had a bad experience last year about cirucit earthquake there.

Your battery would not heat up as much in discharging. If anyone has explanations or clarifications to these above mentioned concepts it would be greatly appreciated.

Occasionally the moderators may recommend some relevant information to encourage members and show what may besini ahead in this research. But the 10ohm resistor for this test, will expedite the load testing, and will not throw the results off significantly.