Gallios™, 8 Colors/2 Lasers ( ready) . A Item added to cart. An error. Beckman Coulter’s Gallios flow cytometer provides efficient data acquisition. Beckman Coulter offers several flow cytometers. The Gallios™ is a system is designed to acquire as many as 10 colors. The system also.

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Easily interchangable optical filters facilitate detection of a variety of dyes and wavelengths. It is gallioos to use by most of the technicians and also the service they provide is great. The Gallios offers up-to four solid state, independently-focused diode lasers with an innovative steering design mechanism for optimal excitation at the flow cell yielding reliable high-quality results. Request Pricing Receive your quote directly from the manufacturer. With customized forward scatter for the most accurate size measurement and optimized electronics for fast, accurate processing, the Gallios is designed to improve your cytometric workflow.

The Beckman Coulter Gallios is an advanced flow cytometer for analysing the size, complexity and fluorescence properties of particles typically cells. Gallios incorporates an sample carousel and vortexer to aid automated sample analysis.

The operator has the option of adding a total of four fluorescence detectors to the instrument, which bumps up the number of colors able to be read to The system also includes a total of six fluorescence detectors that are able to acquire a maximum of six fluorescence signals. Bionand offers access to a 3-laser Gallios system equipped with blue nmred nm and violet mm solid state lasers.


Beckman Coulter Gallios Flow Cytometer |

Your browser does not support images upload. Available in 4 configurations Innovative laser cartridges Plug and play filters allow rapid instrument reconfiguration between experiments Efficient delivery of light Electronics design incorporates fast, accurate measurement of signals over a wide range of event rates. Choose from four scalable configurations to accommodate more lasers and fluorescence detectors as your multi-color flow cytometry research evolves. Most recent Top score Most helpful Beck,an score.

By incorporating the optional nm violet laser and an gallos nm yellow laser, the Gallios Flow Cytometer offers a greater choice of fluorochromes to perform sophisticated multicolor experiments. The Kaluza G operating software is awesome. Kaluza features new tools that simplify the management veckman multiple data sets, allows the visualization of high-content data in different spatial dimensions on a single plot and provides real-time analysis of high content flow cytometry files.

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Improve your cytometric workflow and minimize downtime with remote diagnostics Choose from four scalable configurations to accommodate more lasers and fluorescence detectors as your multi-color flow cytometry research evolves. University of Baja California Ease of use 4 out of 5 After sales service 4 out of 5 Value for money 1 out of 5. The system also includes an optical system that enables it to handle multicolor assays. The manual is bwckman helpful and is written in a bekman way. Bionand offers dedicated high-end workstations for data processing pre-installed with Kaluza.


Beckman Coulter Gallios

The color configuration includes 3 lasers of Blue nm, Red nm, and Violet nm. Save time Submit your details once and make multiple inquiries. My other passions include grilling, wine tasting, and real food. Fast Your inquiry will be delivered glalios to the manufacturer. The scatter detection feature of the Gallios system is unique.

Beckman Coulter Gallios Flow Cytometer. There are several other features of the Gallios instrument. The Gallios offers up to four highly reliable, solid-state lasers in standard red and blue, with violet and yellow lasers available as an option.

Please choose a modern one. Kaluza is designed to efficiently and quickly analyse multi-color, multiparametric data, with real-time updating of display and statistics. That is not to say there is anything wrong with the current software, but in a research setting a little more flexibility would be a bonus.

Remember Forgot Login Forgot Password. The system also includes side scatter detection that offers electronic attenuation. Sensitivity of dim particles Minimize dead galios The Gallios electronic system has a self-correcting temperature regulation system. With customized forward scatter, to achieve the most accurate size measurement, and optimized electronics for high resolution and fast, accurate processing, the Gallios was designed for your research needs.