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The selector valve is positioned to deliver fuel from a specific fuel tank by rotation of the valve to the mark for that tank.

ASTM D613 – Cetane Number

Connecting Rod Assembly BA It is screwed in and out of the head by the handwheel to effect changes in compression ratio. Replacement requires special tools.

Analyzed graphically, the respective sample standard deviations were plotted versus cetane number. Restricting the pickup hole by pressing a cloth not paper wiper against the opening will aid in removing any entrained water.

Warning—The pump and timing gear box oil sumps are satm connected to each other and the lubrication for the two is independent. Engine operation on the purge sequences will afford sufficient time to completely displace the fuel in the line from the injection pump to the injector. Valve Seat Inserts, Intake and Exhaust: For more detailed information regarding the hazards, refer to the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS for each of the applicable substances to establish risks, proper handling, and safety precautions.

A slight shifting of the handwheel to achieve slot lineup will not affect the indexing. Cam gears are supplied with an X mark at the tooth to be aligned with the corresponding X mark on the crankshaft gear. Changing handwheel setting changes the ignition delay period. NOTE 2—The handwheel reading versus cetane number relationship based on this procedure is engine and d6613 dependent but it can be established for each engine as testing experience is gained after each astj.


Reinstall the L-shaped key in the nearest keyway slot of the large handwheel with the shorter leg in the handwheel.

Warning—Chemical cleaning solutions are poisonous and may be harmful or fatal if inhaled or swallowed. Lapped valve seat width must not exceed 0.

ASTM D – 01 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

The locking wheel should be easily released and locked by hand without the use of an auxiliary wrench. In addition, the engine measurements continue to be in inch-pound units because of the extensive and expensive tooling that has been created for these units.

Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Components to be removed include: Flow rate measurement must then be started almost immediately because the engine will be drawing fuel from the buret and the level in the buret will be falling. Warning—Hand tightening of the locking wheel should be adequate if the handwheel mechanism is in proper working order.

Remove the locating screw from the drum and rotate the drum so that the zero graduation mark is in line with the selected reading from Table 1. Precision and Bias Reassemble the connecting rod and torque the bearing cap bolts to lbf-ft. The maximum height of the lobe from the base circle is typically 0.

This setting is made at the factory and there is no provision for field adjustment. Commercial injector nozzle testers which include a lever-operated pressure cylinder, fuel reservoir and pressure gage are available from several sources as common diesel engine maintenance equipment.

Measurement shall be performed accurately because rating error is proportional to blending error. May be harmful or fatal if inhaled or swallowed. Discard valve if grinding has created a sharp edge at the outer diameter of the head indicating stellite coating has been removed. The setting should be checked each time the nozzle is disassembled and cleaned.


Replace the cylinder if the internal diameter at the area of maximum wear is more than 0. The final flow rate measurement shall be Each lobe is designed to include a quieting ramp at the beginning and end of the contour change from the base circle diameter. Flush lubricate the bearings if the unit is ast with field lubrication fittings.

Separate the nozzle from the cap nut. If a nozzle is faulty, it is often easily noted by the erratic operation and data scatter of the results obtained during the early stages of this procedure. Actual valve lift does not take astmm until valve clearance is overcome and this is essentially coincident with the flat spot of the quieting ramp. Install valve springs with closely wound coils next to the cylinder head. The top edge of the contact line or area shall be at least 0.

Piston Pin to Bushing Clearance When the level rises appreciably, the sump should be drained and a fresh charge zstm oil added.

ASTM D – 18 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

This releases the mechanism and permits the larger handwheel to be turned so that the variable compression plug can be properly asstm in or out of the precombustion chamber. Tighten and torque the cylinder stud nuts to asstm lbf-ft. The equipment and procedures required for delivery of the reference fuel material are the responsibility of the user of this standard. The actual compression ratio is not important but an indication of compression ratio which relates to cetane number is a useful guide for selecting reference fuels to bracket the sample of diesel fuel oil.