Seta-Shell Four Ball Autoload Lubricant Tester for ASTM D, ASTM D, IP We perform grease testing by ASTM D to measure the load-carrying properties or load wear index of lubricating grease using a four ball test apparatus. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 This method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum.

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Organize Your Maintenance Online! For a FREE grease assessment Generally, greases having similar thickener types will be compatible, but even greases of the same thickener systems can be deemed incompatible because of differing additive treatments and must be judged on an individual basis.

The result is metal-to-metal contact, v2596 wear and increased heat.


Based on this value, one can formulate greases with different levels of extreme pressure properties. The answers are in a few ASTM test methods. In this example, a recent three-test trial of intermixed lithium soap-thickened greases reveals details of compatibility when observing grease consistency, antiwear and extreme pressure along with water contamination on extreme pressure grease performance.

How do you know what grease will work best at protecting your equipment? Dust, asym and abrasive particles can combine with grease and grind away metal. Determines the load-carrying properties of lubricating greases by measuring scaring on a test specimen. Select greases with similar thickening systems.

Maintenance and engineering personnel can minimize the risk associated with grease changes by doing each of the following: What the test measures: Determines resistance of a lubricating grease to washout by water Result values and what they mean: Seven tests for selecting the right grease Seven tests for selecting the right grease Greases are used to overcome real-world problems presented by operating environments and operating conditions of mechanical equipment.


The higher the number, the greater the long-term protection. Force applied to a bearing or journal that exceeds the load carrying capability of the grease.

Acids, caustics and cleaning solutions can break grease down and corrode metal. About the Author John Kurosky.

Seta-Shell Four Ball Tester-Autoload

In addition, because equipment users usually do not have the proper resources to perform testing themselves, it is the responsibility of the grease supplier to measure grease compatibility with dropping point, penetration and high-temperature performance test machines.

The purpose of this test is to determine the wear preventive characteristics of a lubricant. The lithium complex grease, sample No. The Leon-Maxwell number is an excellent method to quickly and accurately evaluate a grease protection potential and as an indication of a greases ability to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Determines the temperature point at which grease changes from a semi-solid to a liquid. Current Issue Archive Advertise. Figure 2 shows how the performance of a grease can be reduced by contamination from water or a lesser performing grease. Results are reported as percentage with a functional range from 0.

However, a true incompatibility situation may result when low-performing grease affects the performance of the higher performing grease, meaning another grease with more desirable intermixing attributes should be considered. The better the lubricant is at preventing wear, the smaller the wear scar will be on the three stationary balls.

Innovative data and testing tools aid asym decision process through the analysis of two or more co-mingled greases.

Shell 4-Ball Lubricant Tester | ASTM D | D | IP

Results are reported in kilograms kg with a functional range from kg to kg. Advantages of Using Polyurea Grease.

How do you know if the grease you are using is right to protect against harsh environments AND routine operating wear. Optimally, supplier testing will show low levels of contamination where performance is not affected, making the transition to a new grease product quick and easy.


Welding can be detected if any of the following are noticed:. Relubricate 2d596, taking care not to overlubricate, especially motors. In the next issue, we will describe how wear scars from the various tribological tests are measured two dimensionally using optical microscopes and three dimensionally using profilometry. Three measurements go into determining the LWI.

The higher the number the greater load-carrying ability. Determines resistance of lubricating greases to oxidation and helps determine shelf life of grease. Incompatibility can be identified from the performance or measured physical properties of two or more mixed greases. Grease Sampling Methods Matter. The result is breakdown of grease, cold welding or galling. Regardless of the manufacturing industry – be it food processing, mining, power generation or aviation – plant managers and engineers need to work hand-in-hand with a supplier employing highly trained professionals with expertise in industrial lubricants and applications to ensure asym.

The 4 Ball EP test machine operates in a sliding or rolling motion. This becomes important when maintenance teams are trying to reduce the number of greases that are being purchased. The performance dilution continues when the lithium complex grease is contaminated by both the lithium OH stearate grease and water.

Results are reported in weight percent expressed in whole numbers with atm functional range from 1 to percent. These tests can be conducted concurrently or sequentially with varying ratios for example,