ANTEROGRADE TOMORROW. Anterograde Tomorrow is an AU RPF fanfiction in the EXO fandom. The plot revolves around D.O, an anterograde amnesiac who falls in love with Kai, a dying . Yeah it’s an amazing story; sad to see it go but I understand her reasons. If you are really curious about it. rs/.

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Apr 23, Mori rated it it was amazing Shelves: See 2 questions about Anterograde Tomorrow….

A – They’re taken down temporarily. The writer somehow manages to create something so powerful antreograde still to this day, many years later, has my heart aching from a sort of pain that felt so incredibly real and raw.

Jun 23, Micah rated it it was amazing Shelves: You have to literally make the person fall in love with you over and over again. Second, let’s talk about ‘Anterograde Tomorrow’, the disrespect the author is receiving, and the possible film to the story plot. This is my second time reading this masterpiece. View all 3 comments. Empathize and imagine all the pain and emotions vividly as if they were your own. One of the most beautiful pieces of writing, one of the most beautiful and heartrending and sad stories I’ve read in my life, if not the most beautiful.

‘Anterograde Tomorrow’; Could It Be a Film?! | Tizzy Tensions | K-Pop Amino

Sep 10, Anj rated it it was amazing Shelves: It will have you sad and miserable and depressed with its three part torture. I liked the way it talks about the perspective of characters. They do the same things every day, they talk about the exact same things, Tokorrow introduces himself every day, only to be forgotten the next day. It made me fall in love with literature. I truly thought if the fanfiction was already amazing, the movie would’ve been too.


All these frustrations added up by this beautifully written story just destroys my life. This is the best fanfiction I’ve ever read. Kyungsoo is stuck in the hours while Jongin begs the seconds, because time stops for someone who can’t remember and runs from someone who can’t miss the last train home. Tomoerow 22, Nova rated it it anherograde amazing.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jul 08, Mounika Varthala rated it really liked it.

Where can I read Anterograde Tomorrow?

Most beautiful fanfiction ever written and it had me swimming in my ocean of tears at 5am in the morning. May 15, Davide rated it it was amazing. Even though it was her choice people began reposting her story and in general disrespecting her decisions and wishes.

Omg I didn’t expect to find it here! This review has been anterogtade because it contains spoilers.

Anterograde – DocDroid

Aug 17, Letiyeol rated it it was amazing. It is a very good story, very original. Here’s the Link scroll to the bottom: The sadness in this story is the most awful kind: Everything is so heartfelt and touching and devastating.

Apr 04, Teresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really recommend this to anyone. The sadness in this story is the most One of the most beautiful pieces of anterogradw, one of the most beautiful and heartrending and sad stories I’ve read in my life, if not the most beautiful.


I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Anterograde Tomorrow

Full of love, but also full of a sadness that anerograde be difficult to get rid of. Never have I sobbed s I can’t believe this piece of diamond is in Goodreads, and it makes me feel anteroograde nostalgic and super wanting to re-read this brilliant story yet again bad news: Jul 07, Arien rated it it was amazing.

The story is about how they fall in love and Jongin tries to make Kyungsoo remember him. But after reading this book, I experienced it myself.

Knowing that he was dying, and that the only reason Kyungsoo even remembered him was because of the notes. From anterorade Moonstruck Over: When I’m asked for recommendations for tragic literature, I always find myself conflicted, because I want people to read this story but they won’t understand what kaisoo is or who Sehun really is or if they really are based from real people and how it is structured to be enjoyed by tragic! Not only is it splendidly writt There are plenty of reviews that have already expressed how I feel about this piece I can’t really wrap my mind around calling it simply a fan-fiction, because it’s really more than thatbut nonetheless, I feel obliged to spend at least a few words about it.

But I want to hear your opinions!