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Macroscopic characteristics, species identification of the lung and lung lobes 1 hour. Digestive system 1 houruro-genital apparatus. The following skills will be gained comparaha the end of the course: Search Course unit catalogue. Diet and nutrition, diet and feed technology.

The exam grade is associated with the overall assessment of the responses given by the student, weighted according to the load time of each part of the course; however, having regard to the mode of selection of questions, nowhere are permitted answers seriously insufficient equal to or less than 4 of General admission requirements Anxtomia procedure A. Topography, reports, projection on the surface of the heart. Antonio Delfino Editore Cozzi, Donestici. Ascending aorta, aortic arch, brachio-cephalic trunk, carotid artery 2 hours.

Muscles of anatomiia pelvic girdle 1. Anatomia e fisiologia degli animali domestici. The course includes theoretical lessons that take place in the classroom and theoretical-practical lessons that take place both in the histology and in the microscopy labs. Observation and dissection of the trachea.

Specific knowledge required by the admission test and when necessary, recovery of the educational debt in Biology. Systemic and pulmonary circulation 1 hour.

Practical activity in the classroom IX of the Polo Didattico for the vision of anatomical models. Microscopic structure of the female gonad, cyclic changes, maturation of the follicle 3 hours. Il Cavallovol. Trattato di anatomia degli animali domestici I-IV V anatomia aviare. Embryogenesis, macro- and microscopic morphology, topography of the following Anatomical systems: Embryonic origin and classification of muscle tissue: Bones of the thoracic girdle and limb 1 hour.


Trattato di anatomia comparata dei mammiferi domestici – Robert Barone – Google Books

Veterinary Radiology and Diagnostic imaging practice. People search Search with a name Search with a name.

Il Cane e il Gatto The main objective of the course is to provide students with adequate knowledge of the macroscopic and microscopic structure of organs and systems of carnivores and swine as well as of the elements necessary to understand the topographical relationships between them.

Nuclei of the base, midbrain, hemispheres, diencephalon. Topography e macroscopic anatomy of the small intestine 2 hours. Muscles of the pelvic limb 1. Extended program This module is aimed to teach the macroscopic and microscopic morphology and topography of the organs and systems of birds, rodents and lagomorphs.

In the third part, that is devoted to histology, the teacher provides knowledge on structural and functional characteristics of the various tissues and on the techniques and equipment necessary for the preparation of histological slides and their analysis. In addition to the reference texts listed below, are available to students, in the special sites dedicated to them within the university homepage, accessible through identification and password, pictures of the histological slides used during the theoretical and practical activities: Particularly, the student dri to: Practical activity in the Optical Microscopy laboratory classroom VIII of the Polo Didattico for the observation and identification of microscopic anatomy sections referring to the majmiferi.

Stages of cell cycle. In addition to understanding the dynamics of development from gametogenesis to the formation of the embryonic three germ layers, changes in the birth of the fetal circulation, the dynamics of the formation of the fetal membranes and placentation in animals of veterinary interest. Nasal conches, respiratory and olfactory mucosa. Practical activity in the Light Microscopy laboratory classroom VIII of the Polo Didattico for observation and identification of tissue sections referring to the lectures.


Pelvic girdle skeleton 1 hour.

Università degli Studi di Perugia

Brain blood circle 2 hours. Observation of muscles and joints of the conparata in the necropsy hall 1 hour. Renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, urethra 2 hours.

My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. Cardio-vascular and respiratory system 2 hours. Atlante a colori di istologia veterinaria, Delfino, Roma. Students will put into practice the knowledge learned in class during practice sessions in microscopy and dissecting room. Diagnostic imaging – Veterinary Radiology — Surgical pathology.

Anatomy of the Dog: Teaching methods Theoretical activity domeatici all the subjects of the course at Polo Didattico. Assessment methods The exam takes place nammiferi in itinere tests and a final exam, which ensures the acquisition of cojparata and skills expected by conducting a histological specimens identification, an oral exam followed, if exceeded, by a practical test in the dissecting room, in which students must recognize and describe some organs three different organs already studied during the course of study.

Anatomia comparata dei mammiferi domestici – Robert Barone – Google Books

Subdivision of the parenchyma somestici lobes 2 hours. Teaching methods The teacher will discuss the various topics covered by this course emphasizing the practical importance of the various anatomical structures in question. The exam aims to evaluate whether the student has achieved the goal of knowledge and understanding of the content and the ability to apply the knowledge gained.

Nostrils, cavities nasal 2 hours.