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Oh by the way. The characters and storyline were very well thought of also the scene with Ella Ivy’s cat made me cry partly cause I’m a sucker for animals.

Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates

The book gives very little details about settings and characters. But then it says she’s been bffs with suzanne since 2nd grade.

Tristan and Ivy spoke and Ivy figured out that someone was in fact trying to kill her and believed now that it was Gregory with flashes of memories of him coming to her mind like him giving her the drugged tea. So, Tristan, Will who she began to get close withLacey and Beth try to figure out what was going on with the clues they were given with Will being a great source of comfort for her and even tried to protect him when she thought things were getting too dangerous for him.

Although Tristan has nothing to worry about because Ivy has closed herself off to love and she tries to keep her distance from Will for fear of what could happen between them. Of course it is always in the I thought this book was amazing!! Jul 29, Kelley rated it it was amazing Shelves: One the first day of school, Ivy learned about one thing, Tristan. So was she new or did she live there her hole life? I couldn’t imagine going through what Ivy went through.

Tristans death was tragic, and it left Ivy alive and feeling alone with no one and nothing, not even her angles, left to lean on. La historia de amor es preciosa: I am starting book 4 today so thought I would write a quick review of my thought on the first 3 books in the series. When I first ordered it from the library I didn’t touch it for a while resulting in the library calling for it back. El amor verdadero nunca muere. When I gave it back I thought it was simply about a girl who’s boyfriend comes back as her guardian angel and that’s it.


Ivy covered in blood was lying on the ground, unconscious. He fell head over heals for her at first sight.

Only Ivy gets mad every time they bring him up, like they are ripping open the wound that she is trying desperately to hold together. It got the plot moving. I don’t think I’ll be reading it again, mostly because books like these make me cry an This book actually made me cry.

I know the author used the car accident in the beginning as a hook, but for me it didn’t so work so well. I debated with myself whether Gregory was good or not, and even argued with myself, saying he was there for her when he needed him so maybe he wasn’t so bad after all then I was like no he can’t elziabeth because something was definitely off with that boy, but I didn’t know quite what, I think the scene in the dressing room where he tried to make out almax her was kind of the big hint that he wasn’t what he seemed.

The writing is poor. She comes across as one xhandler those girls who can’t be without a boyfriend. Oh my gosh, it took me 4 mon This book was definitely not as good as I thought it would be. Tristan’s is swimming, and Ivy’s is piano.

Elizabeth Chandler is a pseudonym for Mary-Claire Helldorfer. Kissed by an Angel 6 books. All the characters were very flat.

It may not strike every adult intellectually, but it’s perfect for an adolescent. He found a girl named Lacey there, waiting for him. She currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates by Elizabeth Chandler

This book was definitely not as good as I thought it would be. It made me never want to read the book again or recommend it to anyone. Maybe because I got so mad at Ivy for doing it.


The end is fairly predictable, but there is enough adventure in the whole plot to keep me putting the pieces together.

SeduccionEntreLibros: Saga Kissed By an Angel – Elizabeth Chandler

As result of her mother’s new marriage, Ivy and her brother Philip are forced to move to the biggest house in Stonehill, with all the wants and needs of life. It’s a great ending and I was so happy with it. I was liking this book until the last or so pages. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting Ivy and Will be together at the end: This has brought her to this new school and also even getting her a new stepbrother. This is one of the first books I added to-read when I joined Goodreads in February Someone set them up.

For me, it is about overcoming a tragedy and believing you can get passed that loss. You were meant for somebody else. That, and Ella the cat. I just wish it had been written better. A simple vista, la historia es como cualquier otra: Throughout the novel some really sketchy things start to happen; her stepbrother’s mom commits suicide, Ivy is in a car accident with Tristan, there is another suicide attempt, someone dies from a “drug overdose”, and Ivy’s poor kitten is showing up with mysterious cut marks on her paws and many more.

And did and the scene was bittersweet, knowing Ivy was okay yet he had to leave her. He is such a sweet character and all he wanted was to help Ivy through Tristan’s death and was always there for her. But if he does he’ll be sent back, is he ready to let her go?