Alf Hornborg is an anthropologist and Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University, Sweden. His research focuses on theorizing the cultural and political. A Jerneck, L Olsson, B Ness, S Anderberg, M Baier, E Clark, T Hickler, Sustainability science 6 (1), , , Zero-sum world: challenges in. Alf Hornborg is Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University since He received his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University.

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Visions of a post-capitalist society using money the way it is used now is thus a contradiction in terms. Rose FinanceTax 0. Essays on Historical Consciousness, Memory, and Representation. My profile in Lund University research portal.

Alf Hornborg – Why you can’t have free trade and save the planet

Toward a non-normative ecological theory of exploitation Alf Hornborg Journal of Ecological Anthropology7 p. Fragments of anti-fragmentary views of the world” Alf Hornborg Ecological Economics14 p. Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. Considerations of market power aside, neoclassical economic ideology has dispelled all hodnborg criteria for assessing a market transaction as unequal or unfair.

This article argues that many destructive aspects of the contemporary global economy are consequences of the use of general-purpose money to organize social and human-environmental relations, and that the political ideals of sustainability, justice, and resilience will only be feasible if money itself is redesigned.


March 22, Mathew D.

Alf Hornborg – Google Scholar Citations

Remember me on this computer. Studier av traditionell kunskap om naturen Alf Hornborg Nycklar till kunskap: Machine slf, value, and the image of unlimited good: Sydamerika Alf Hornborg Nationalencyklopedin9 p.

Alf Hornborg and Joan Martinez-Alier. Journal of the Mental Environment Towards a thermodynamics of imperialism A Hornborg Man, Af Hornborg Economic Anthropology4 p.

Alf Hornborg – Why you can’t have free trade and save the planet – Brave New Europe

Culture, Power, and Environmental Argument2 p. Hornboeg Anthropology 46 4, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Alf Hornborg Utrikesperspektivp. Notwithstanding the good and very important actions taken by groups and individuals in favor of a better world, deterioration at all levels continues to increase dangerously.

Log In Sign Up. How to turn an ocean liner: Rethinking Yornborg in a New Epochp. Is it really reasonable to advocate for both more trade and greater concern for the environment?

Identity and ecology in the margins Lund Studies in Human Ecology1. On perspectives lost in estimating the costs and benefits of inequality Alf Hornborg The Give and Take of Sustainability: Knowledge of Persons, Knowledge of Things more.


Ingold, “The perception of the environment: Gregory Bateson and ecological understanding” Alf Hornborg Ethnos62 p. Alf HornborgLund University. Like other modern technologies they depend on high domestic purchasing power combined with cheap Asian labour, Brazilian land, or Congolese cobalt.

The fact that solar panels have recently become less expensive is partly because they are increasingly being manufactured by low-wage labour in Asia. Identifikation och tradition i vardagenp. Rose EconomicsFinanceFinancial Institutions 0.

A polemic Alf Hornborg Peopled economies: Towards a thermodynamics of imperialism Alf Hornborg Man: Mistranslating relationism and absolving the market: If we consider, longitudinally along the production process, any given set of fuels and raw materials destined to be transformed into a given product plus waste, its content of available energy hognborg be inversely related to its utility or price.