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This guidance was, for whatever reason, difficult to find. Hopefully this helps someone else. OCP/ACU Uniform wear. AFCENT has published a major update to USAFCENTI, “Dress and Appearance of AFCENT Air Force Personnel”. AFCENT is the air. Wed, 14 Nov GMT afcent pdf – Welcome to the. United States Air Force subreddit. Feel free to discuss anything about the. Air Force or.

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Ideal would be the version they are going to trial on the new jungle uniform, forward slanted and 336 with a single button. To get stripes etc sewn on we hand out a letter and the Airmen gets them done for free.

That cap in the illustration looks suspiciously like it came from China. Airmen will use their annual clothing allowance.

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Now they can go out and spend their cash on extra items, but the base lines are covered. Other Air Force personnel have noted the return of Unit insignia, a practice which went away with the adoption of the ABU.

Thank you to the author s.

Between that and the retiring of unit ball caps there was little opportunity for personnel to show unit pride. If an Airman needs a complete uniform, or a replacement it is currently handled via a system through LRS.

Although, these certainly have a 21st century twist. One issue did seem odd. Not exactly, it just has a plan. No more hoping the Airmen spends the uniform money on uniforms. Would be nice to see the Marine issue kit in a pattern rather than CB though.

This entry was posted on Friday, September 1st, at Fingers crossed we can get the go ahead to purchase. Right now though it is handled with this special card.

I remember in On AD we were sized and the uniforms were sent to us during our weeks at pre-deployment at Creech. Back in the day the BDU was fine for everyone before the cammo wars started.


September 1, at Both comments and pings are currently closed. Additionally, he made mention of the return of Ball Caps which harken back to the Squadron ball caps of the 80s and 90s. Active duty, the Airman buys replacement clothing bag items.

USAFCENT significantly revises dress, appearance guidelines

Also, Sleeves may be cuffed up or folded under at the wrist. Like the Army, they will also wear an American flag on the right sleeve of their uniform. This is obviously great news for Middle-East-bound Airmen, but its timing makes us wonder if this is the first of a major uniform and camouflage change for the entire Air Force. Their uniforms are issued in kind. I would still aafcent velcro for the cuffs of the blouse. Dealing with this right now in fact. There is also the consideration of the front pockets, if closed by buttons, causing pressure points when worn under 366 armor.

I missed that the first time reading through it.

Wright, like the one to Hurlburt seen above, rumors have been flying that the Air Force afcrnt soon announce a switch from the ill-named Airman Battle Uniform, in service sinceto the Army Combat Uniform and its Operational Camouflage Pattern.

With even just a casual look at this Instruction, you can see that it is completely operationally focused, with no mention of dress uniforms. Come zfcent big AF, make the change already! So watch out during your next root canal regardless of uniform! It specified that Officer ranks except 2d Lt and Major which are spice brown will be black.

It can help deal with that by allowing it to be worn longer.

afi afcent – – Content Results

Damn it feels good to be a gangster. September 5, at So, if a Wing goes from only spending a few thousand a year on a dozen people needing the uniform to hundreds needing the uniform, you can imagine it will be a strain the first year.


Good move if it goes service-wide, but I am cynical about implementation for now. This color is probably the missing fourth color. Couple weeks later the uniform item comes in. Probably the best thing about this Instruction is that it drives the nail in the coffin of both the ABU and 8-point hat for wear by Airmen in a combat theater.

It might be time for a substitute-standard for Army headgear. I 2093 if this is the next step in finally getting the whole DOD back to one uniform pattern again. Affcent 2, at Then again, black beret, UCP, 7. My experience with button secured uniforms comes from the IDF, so we even had epaulets on our uniforms still, and those were definitely a pain when rucking for hours on end.

Get your copy here. The line remarks drive the purchase through the Wing Deployment Center. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. For the ACU if their line afcnt state they need it, Zfcent will bust out the deployment funds card and start the process to get them the required uniform.

Army types gaze upon us with their disdainful, jealous, and self-loathing eyes. Sucked for the guys that the shipments got to Creech after they left and then had to do their first few weeks in the horrible ABU.

Another nice feature from that uniform is the usage of atcent in place of a zipper and Velcro in the front. This all reminds me of the few years we were able to wear the ABSG uniform.