In this course, you will learn how to update an AS ABAP based SAP system by applying SAP enhancement packages and upgrading the SAP system. ADM Upgrade to ECC pdf – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read Internal Use SAP Partner Only!” Only Partner SAP Use Internal. Previous ADM Upgrade to ECC Plant Customization in SAP · ERP Market Watch Report Based on Current Trends · Contracts in Sales and Distribution.

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Upgrade Tools – Upgrade Assistant SAP certainly does a lot to ensure that customers are aware of a lot of the reasons already mentioned. Determine how these enhancements can add value to the customer’s operations. In these cases, customers should take the chance to reduce customer programs and modifications by implementing the SAP functions. Using this technical workaround, the SAP instance connected to the shadow database has access rights to read and modify the SAP Dictionary shadow tables in the productive system.

To prevent this, use a system, where you have a central administration. Jpgrade table conversions used previously only occured during the upgrade downtime e.

When the development system has been Upgraded to the new release it can still be necessary to develop bug fixes for the productive system which is still working with the start release. After the parameters are entered, the module ‘initialization’ starts the first checks.

Requests in the customer namespace number range to “modify” the SAP objects included in them. This has to be done for each client which multiplies the processing time. Within individual development classes or corrections, the objects are displayed according to type. This phase is executed in the PREPARE module Modification Support, and runs in the upgrade between the import of the substitution set and the end of the production period.


The corresponding entry in the new table is directly deleted by the delete trigger. Changing the SAP Standard You already know this procedure because you did this already with the copied system. The display is the same as the one with which you are presented when you compare two objects in version management. It is clear that business processes are affected in the upgrade project.

It checks the requirements for the upgrade and provides further information when executing the optional module. The database load is expected to be higher during this process. These aliases guide to the physical table in the shadow of our productive schema. To facilitate work with the generated object list, you can assign the status Completed to upgarde object.

During all these three phases the customer’s business experts and business owners are intimately involved in the process of this service. If the runtime has been exceeded, the bars appear first in yellow and then in red.

The delete operations are especially critical. The downtimes mentioned in this slide are the time for the purely technical upgrade. Phases of the Upgrade I ndicate that modifications to these objects are no longer needed with the Reset to original function. With an upgrade to a higher release, many customers see potential in reducing their non-standard interfaces by replacing existing non-SAP systems with the functionality provided.

Changes are scheduled and organized in advance. If you don’t organize testing in the right way, it wcc produce more costs and can take more time – Don’t run out of budget upgrase don’t run out of time.

Upgrading or patching one of them should not influence the others.

Customer modifications and programs are more expensive since the customer needs to upgade his changes by himself. All guides can be found at: If possible, the runtime estimate also includes any runtime that is lengthened for systematic reasons, however this is subject to restrictions.

ADM – SAP EBooks

Having identified these modifications they will be categorized into the different business areas and prioritized with the customer for further investigation during the following phases. Conversion of Residue During Downtime During the adjustment of the ABAP Dictionary objects, releasing requests is locked until the edited objects have been activated. You can decide which of the preselected tables should be processed by ICNV. To avoid this, you can use transaction SGEN to generate the missing loads.


As a result, the technology is much quicker than it would be if an upgrade of a single layer were processed. As with the green traffic light, the semi-automatic adjustment icon only appears in the with Modification Assistant category.

SAP recommends performing upgrades with the “Downtime Minimized” method. Important Note for the Adm362 Data might be lost if the phase is repeated with Do not repeat checks. It’s difficult to keep an overview across this shared files. For example, when the tables being used in the respective update tasks have been converted during the upgrade PCON Phase 4.

Challenges of Upgrade Planning and Execution Besides time and budget planning, resource planning is also important. All customers’ programs have to pass the much more intensive syntax check of the development environment. ELGs, where errors from other log files are collected.

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The information reflects the status of the objects after their activation. Objects in the Without Modification Assistant subtree can only be post processed manually after the adjustment process. For this procedure, the change requests are not released in the normal way, but handled specially. As a result downtime is considerably reduced. Advanced Upgrade Services and Tools in Detail The data would be lost.