A Prideless Man is available tomorrow from Total-E-Bound. Here is the buy link Blurb: Book three in the Supernatural Mates Series Sometimes. A Prideless Man By Amber Kell – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews , awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Read “A Prideless Man” by Amber Kell online on Bookmate – ©Copyright Amber Kell Cover Art by Posh Gosh ©Copyright Total-e-bound books All.

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It was also my first book in this genre. Open Preview See a Problem?

Payce struggles with his jaguar form and touch our heart. A very nice read! During those seconds she isn’t writing she remembers she has children who humor her with games of ‘what if’ and let her drag them to foreign lands to gather inspiration. May 12, Christina rated it really liked it.

Prideful Mate is prideleess essence a story of prejudice. Overdosing just after being asked out on a date. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

He writes back to him and then received a message about coming to where kevin lives but tells him he can’t cause he has to work but gives his number to Kevin to call him. May 18, Caroline Brand rated it liked it Shelves: There is so much that nothing is given any credibility or weight and the entire story is pretty silly. Soldier Mine Amber Kell January 20, pprideless.

Next keol fingers got attention as he stretched his hands, listening to the sickening popping noises they made as he flexed each digit. Kevin werelionPayce werejaguar. When he prrideless overdoses on his super strong meds, it’s discovered that he’s actually a shifter and it seems his father who runs an anti-shifter organization has been giving him drugs since he was a child to restrict shifting.


However the details that I always expect weren’t there.

A Prideless Man

With strong resolve he closed his email and shut down the computer. Now he just has to convince his mate to stay Jun 23, My Dichotomy Life rated it it was ok Shelves: This problem was solved by the creation of the ‘Werekin Wanted’ dating service website, a rather fun and novel way for Amber to introduce a mate. Aug 12, LutaWolf rated it liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed the characters, I liked the plot, and I really loved James. Aug 11, Noughty rated it it was ok Shelves: There are always editing problems but this has gotten better over time.

Another series that has me addicted.

Amber Kell – Ebook Bike

Here is the buy link Blurb: Now his father is shifter hater, gives him pills for his “Arthritis” which is unique and all. How could she abandon her mate???

You could read these stories on their own, but I really feel they are better read in sequence. Lou wants James no matter what. Then all sorts of things happen. Bring the two together and throw in the black market and you have a paranormal romance to delight the senses. I’m not pridelesz if I was happy the father was not the bad guy so as not prideeless fit the cliche, or whether I was disappointed because it was rather anti-climactic once they talked. If it takes a reader 5 seconds to figure out the “Arthritis”, why amer main hero is so stupid?

When a lion and a jaguar shifter fall in love, the fur flies. This one had a bit more story going for it than the last one so it was an improvement. Santa Wishes Amber Kell January 20, 0.


I know that his mate is his height with more muscles, dark hair, and brown eyes. There was a premise for a great story here, but I found it fell a pgideless flat.

During those seconds she isn’t writing she remembers she has children who humor her with games of ‘what if’ and let Amber Kell has made a career out of daydreaming. Kevin has cubs by one of the females in the pride but knows she is not his mate.

Other pridfless in the series. Refresh and try again. Sure parents are the best doctors.

A Prideful Mate

When everyone is against you, you must fulfill your destiny. Feb 28, Tj rated it liked it Shelves: The story was slow and dragged at times, which is saying a lot given how short these books are.

Watching the alpha and his mate made James long for a relationship of his own, but who would want a skinny guy on heavy pain medication? If shifters were a secret and he didn’t know about them it might be believable. I wanted to know what would happen next.

Kevin was a golden werelion. There was so much packed into the 60 kwll short story that I felt there really wasn’t any time for them to get that bond formed.